82 Years of Courage and Counting

Feminist, activist, and artist Suzanne Benton shares a lifetime of courageous moments, explores the different forms that courage takes, and pushes us all to act on the things that matter most to us.

About the speaker

Suzanne Benton is an American mask performing and visual artist, and the feminist activist who founded and organized the Women’s Solidarity March in St Pete, Florida. With the prodigious efforts of her team, she helped bring together 30,000 peaceful marchers on January 21, 2017. As a pioneer Second Wave Feminist committed to giving voice to women, she’s shared her many-faceted art in 31 countries East and West. Art feeds her activism, and activism feeds her art.

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We all start out with a lot of courage because we are born. That first house that held us got too small, so we had to get out and that's our mandate from then on—growing, learning, being curious, getting that air, getting that light, having that hunger...hunger helps courage, too. — Suzanne Benton

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