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Professionally, I know lots about social media marketing; my primary areas of focus include content production, audience engagement, and strategic planning. That's not to mention my love for creating a trendy hashtag, or a memorable campaign. I also know a lot about soccer; my side-gig is coaching youth soccer players. After I retired as a player in college, I wanted to stay connected to the game. Coaching competitive youth gives me that opportunity.

I would love to become more proficient in Adobe apps. It's a work in progress, but thank goodness for Lynda and YouTube!

When I was a teenager, one of my soccer coaches told me, "success is never lasting, and failure is never final." It took big wins and big falls to really understand what that meant. It is a reminder to always keep pushing- winning or losing- just keep going.

I most admire my wife, Charlotte. Words are hard to come by when you're talking about your favorite person. She is the strongest, sweetest, and most inspiring person I'll ever know. She is the kind of love who makes every day, brighter; the kind of teacher who plants a seed to be better; and the kind of friend who'll never let you feel alone.

Anxiety girl - guaranteed to go from 0-250 in a millisecond.

If professional pizza-taste-tester is out, then I'd say coaching soccer. Although I do it part-time right now, there has always been the thought that I would further my licensing, and potentially coach at the collegiate or professional level.

I love giving insight to the vegetarian lifestyle. I would probably teach someone how to go vegetarian- if they're open to it, of course.

Any Beyonce GIF wins life.

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