Founder of Yellow Tree Studio: Video Production and Digital Marketing.

Creating moving images with light and shadow.

Like everything! Hah. Editing, crew, storytelling, brand marketing, graphic design - you name it!

Give a damn

Most of the people in my immediate circle are pretty great. I think it's good to admire the people you choose to spend the most time with.


Probably teacher

TV theme songs and radio singles from the 90's

"Everything has to be understood in opposition to something else. For some dang reason, the ego prefers to make one side better than the other, so we choose. And we decide males are better than females, America is better than Canada, Democrats are better than Republicans. And for most people, once this decision is made, it is amazing the amount of blindness they become capable of. They really don't see what's right in front of them. Once you see this, it's an amazing breakthrough, and that is the starting place for moving away from dualistic thinking." ... "Once you experience being loved when you are unworthy, being forgiven when you did something wrong, that moves you into non-dual thinking. You move from what I call meritocracy, quid pro quo thinking, to the huge ocean of grace, where you stop counting or calculating." -- Richard Rohr

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