Saskia Vogel on taboos and the importance of uncovering them.

What are peoples personal taboos and how are they created? Through her talk on TABOO Saskia Vogel challenges us to explore our fantasies in order to understand ourselves fully. Video by Roscoe Lee.

About the speaker

“I am going to look at how allowing ourselves to explore our fantasies can help unlock insight into ourselves and our relationship to the world, the connection between creativity and the erotic, and the power of permission.”

Saskia Vogel is a Berlin based writer who has written on the themes of gender, power, and sexuality for publications such as Granta, The White Review, The Offing, and The Quietus. Her translations include work by leading female authors. On the last Friday of March she will be talking about the invisible TABOOs that we carry with us: ideas and knowledge that we don’t know are there or have never thought to question. These TABOOs might be a hurdle in how we express ourselves creatively or how we are able to communicate with others and how receptive we are to the world. –I am curious about the stories that shape our lives: stories we’re told or stories we tell about ourselves.

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By investigating our taboos rather than turning away from them, we might find keys to parts of ourselves we didn't know were locked. We don't have to fling the doors open, but it's good to know what's inside. — Saskia Vogel

At Viva Erotica our audience may not be masturbating in the cinema but they are hopefully finding themselves in dialog and discovering keys that unlock the possibility of being shameless and being free. — Saskia Vogel

And I find that in my own fiction writing the more I pay attention to my erotic fantasies, who features in them, the power dynamics in play and so on, the more I sensitive I am to why I'm writing what I'm writing. And this certainly does not exclusively apply to when I'm writing about the topic of sex but also how I'm writing and thinking about people and the dynamics of relationships in the world. — Saskia Vogel

In addition to the provocative framework, the trigger, I now look at this fantasy as a way for me to sort of take my temperature. How I fantasize tells me about how I'm feeling about myself and how I feel in the world at any given point. And I think this kind of increase sits alongside things like dream interpretation or psycho analysis, you know, places where you go in your life to discover new things about yourself. — Saskia Vogel

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