What is CreativeMornings? This video from CreativeMornings Summit 2014 says it all.



CreativeMornings/Helsinki is from people to people.

It is a gathering for curious minds, an inspiring space for open dialogue. CreativeMornings is a global platform where we can explore the different faces of creativity.

Each month one person comes and shares an inspiring thought. We want it to tickle the mind and challange us to make a positive change.

We encourage to take the bold leap from inspiration to action.


In Helsinki, we had our fist event in August 2014. Here is our application video: https://vimeo.com/75287292


77wwreg4 barbara vanic Morning Person @arabrab_cinav
Kuva Henrietta Lehtonen Publicist
Johanna vanttaja 18 Johanna Vanttaja Project Manager
994903 10151678332519983 806918630 n Hanna Brumley Sponsorship Coordinator
Satutwuttaa Satu Suomi Video Coordinator @stuukkonen
N1017 Annika Vainio Publicist
16990153 10154305390471024 1231043123 o Jennifer Ahlamaa Morning Person
Elf1 Elif Eren In-house Anthropologist
Vladimir Vladimir Melnychenko Morning Person