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November 30, 8:30am • • part of a series on Restart

Tara Sherry-Torres, MSW is an organizer, event planner, and social worker. For over 15 years Tara has been working in community based organizations, economic development, hospitality and social enterprises in New York City and Pittsburgh, PA. In. 2014, Tara founded her own social enterprise, Cafe Con Leche. Cafe Con Leche is an award winning event production and media company focusing on cultivating healing, joyful spaces using art, entertainment, and media. A creative hostess at heart, Tara continues to produce her own art and food events.

As a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and consultant, Tara helps you tap into your own creative power in order to heal and create balance through focusing on what’s most important: communication, a plan of action, and quality relationships. In 2015, Tara was a featured panelist on NPR’s “Going There With Michele Martin”.

Tara received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Puerto Rican & Latino studies from Brooklyn College and a Master of Social Work from The University of Pittsburgh. She previously worked at The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York, as a bilingual troop organizer, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, where she spearheaded a two year engagement process for the neighborhood master plan, and RightRides for Women’s Safety where she organized free late night rides for queer, trans, and genderqueer individuals.

As a regular contributor to Hip Latina magazine, La Jornada Latina, and Visit Pittsburgh’s blog, Tara’s articles focus on inspiring people to live their best life. Tara currently sits on the board of the Pittsburgh Land Bank and formerly sat on the board of the Bloomfield Development Corporation. She was named one of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 Under 40, Post Gazette’s People to Meet, and Creator of the Year by Pittsburgh’s Technology Council.

Whether it’s butter in coffee, bacon on donuts, fashion in the 80’s making a return, or the culture of an organization, weirdness reveals that there are no rules or right answers. Weirdness widens the edges of the status quo, and if we allow it, it adds beauty to our lives because it introduces us to a multitude of complexities that we may be ignoring.

This theme was chosen by our Austin chapter and illustrated by Will Bryant. This month, 150+ cities will get weird and play with weirdness. Rather than flinching at the unfamiliar, perhaps this is a time to embrace the strange, the new, and to explore our boundaries.

“Love would be two animals,” said the author Cheryl Strayed in Tiny Beautiful Things, “a hummingbird and a snake. Both are perfectly untrainable.”

Whether it’s love for another person, love for our work, or a simple love like watching the sunrise or going for a walk, it is an emotion that is the lifeblood of our being. It can confuse and hurts us, but equally true, it can lift us up into a place where meaning and fulfillment pulsates like a heart. Love is simple, but naturally as human beings, we make it complex.

Gaze and eye contact are simple acts, but when our attention transforms into vigilance, we begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious. We might notice an extra space in a paragraph or details within the texture of the page that weren’t appreciated. When we turn our eyes to the government, healthcare, traditional education or public transportation, we realize how broken everything is; it makes you wonder how the world stays intact. The difference between those who make change and those who don’t is the difference between pointing at something and saying it’s broken versus pointing at it and saying, “I am going to fix this.”

The theme was chosen by our Washington, DC chapter and illustrated by Donald Ely. This month 142 cities are not only showing you what’s broken in the world, but will also share the framework and mindset for noticing these opportunities, weaving together resources and people, and making a meaningful change that lasts.

Thanks to everyone who attended last Friday’s ‪Creative Mornings‬! A special thanks to our speaker D.S. Kinsel and our sponsors The Sprout Fund, Winchester Thurston School, Ace Hotel Pittsburgh and FreeBurgh. Stay tuned for this month’s ‪#‎CMPGH‬! ‪#‎CMreality‬ 📷- classic1824

CreativeMornings/PGH April 22!

Featuring Sharon Needles

This reviled sweetheart fled the cornfields of Iowa for the dark, exciting city of Pittsburgh, where she paraded on stage like a vampire in high fashion. People thought she was either stupid or possessed by a drag demon until Sharon won season four of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” posed for PETA and the cover of Out magazine’s most influential people list, and was honored by the Pittsburgh City Council who declared June 12 “Sharon Needles Day” for her outstanding work as an advocate for LGBT youth.Sharon Needles has since released two full-length studio albums (“PG-13” and “Taxidermy,” both available on iTunes), hosted a weekly horror film TV series, and received excellent reviews for her role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in a theater production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She continues to tour - and terrorize - the world with her various creative pursuits.

Join us April 22 at 8:30AM at City Theatre.

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CreativeMornings/PGH March 25!

Featuring Melanie Harrington

Melanie Harrington serves as the first President and CEO of Vibrant Pittsburgh, a nonprofit economic development organization spearheading initiatives to attract, retain, and elevate a diverse workforce in the Pittsburgh region.  She currently serves on the Boards of Sustainable Pittsburgh; the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership; YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, and Insight into Diversity, a national magazine and online recruitment site that promotes equal opportunity employment. She is also an expert panelist for the 2016 Edition of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks and a member of the Diversity Collegium (an international think tank of diversity practitioners).  Additionally, Melanie serves on the Civic Advisory Committee for the Allegheny County Jail Collaborative; the UPMC Board Committee on Inclusion & Diversity; and Inaugural Penn State Center Advisory Council.  

Join us March 25 at 8 am at the Union Project.

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