Aaron Makaruk and Tristan Copley-Smith talk about the importance of distributed individuals and open-source technology in restoring our culture and climate.

The Internet is surely shifting our lives on a global scale, but how can it be used to sustain our natural environment? With so many ecological tipping points on the radar, how can we all harness technology and design to restore our local ecosystems? Social entrepreneurs Aaron Makaruk and Tristan Copley Smith will explore these ideas via their Denver-based Open Source Beehives project and reveal their new initiative, AKER. During this session, we will learn about citizen science, open source hardware, and the power of distributed individuals to solve global problems together.

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Technology can help us help the planet. You know, I think a lot of people look at technology as this potentially ominous thing which has done maybe more damage than good to the planet. But I think we're getting to this stage now where we can start to manipulate technology to amend the damage that's been done by it and by us. — Open Source Beehives

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