As one of the few Asian women working in hip hop journalism, Minya Oh—also known as Miss Info—never set out to be a pioneer. But when passion and perseverance combine, amazing things can happen.

In this humble and from-the-heart talk, Minya talks about her journey into hip hop and how her passion for the music, community, and artists fueled her grit and her work. Passion, resilience, and doing things for the sake of pure love and not fame, are what enabled her to make an impact.

About the speaker

Minya Oh, better known as Miss Info, is a well-known journalist and on-air radio personality in the hip hop journalism world. She was formerly an on-air radio personality at the New York hip hop and R&B station Hot 97 and has worked as a writer and editor for MTV News, Glamour, Vibe Magazine, Rolling Stone, XXL, and more. She founded one of the most influential and long-running hip hop website, MissInfo.TV.

Miss Info is currently the host of the video series “Food Grails” on Complex, has started the podcast “In Real Life” with co-host Angie Martinez, and is the Style Director at Stadium Goods.

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If your passion can protect you, and if it can also shield you from judgment, then I would say use it by really exploring all of the different aspects of whatever your passion entails because then you're more worthy of that protection and you will contribute better to that creative community. — Minya Oh

I don't know when exactly I stopped being "that Asian girl" and became Miss Info. But I wouldn't have lasted long enough to find out if I was checking my retweet counts or my Instagram comments. — Minya Oh

When I found hip hop, that was it—that was the great love of my life. I knew I couldn't rap or sing. I don't want to dance. I have stage fright all the time. But I knew that I could document hip hop for the artist and for the people who were involved, the fans. I could find the truth, the fact, spread it and mark it down for history. — Minya Oh

I was never driven by ambition or financial reward; I don't think you go into hip hop journalism thinking that you're going to then get the hip hop lifestyle. Those two things do not meet. — Minya Oh

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