While living in such uncertain times, Marta believes self-awareness has never been more important. It can fuel your creative spirits and help you to navigate the discomforts of life. Focusing your attention on what you CAN control – such as how much you know about yourself and awareness of how you feel – becomes a tool you can consistently rely on to find security, assurance, and to light the fire on your journey. Marta will share some key insights on using the enneagram for self-discovery, and how to observe and honor your insecurities to translate them into long-term unstoppable creative energies. Only YOU can become an expert on you, so why not take the time to do it?

About the speaker

Marta Spirk is a writer, podcaster, and woman empowerment coach. Her focus is on helping selfless, overwhelmed women learn to put themselves first, stop people-pleasing, and become their own support system. Through her podcast The Empowered Woman, her virtual self-improvement school and workshops, she hopes to encourage and uplift women to step into their own power and realize they can do it all.

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