Kristin Glenn talks about her journey in fashion design and her struggles against the heritage of injustice in the clothing industry.

Do you know how your shirt was made? Where the cotton was picked, the yarn spun, the fabric knitted, the pieces sewn together?

Most people don’t. It’s a part of our American heritage that’s been left behind, in favor of globalization, “new” labor markets, and a desire for low-cost, mass consumption.

Kristin Glenn wasn’t too sure where her clothes came from, either. In fact, she was a total shopaholic – until a round-the-world trip and a successful Kickstarter campaign launched her into the world of sustainable fashion. She’s spent the last four years researching the apparel industry, talking with professors, farmers, CEOs, and activists – all while building a sustainable fashion company.

In 2013, Glenn founded, a Colorado-based clothing company that focuses on versatile, multifunctional design. uses surplus fabrics (excess from mills and factories around the US) to create garments within a 40-mile radius of her Denver home.

At this month’s CreativeMornings:Denver session, she’ll be discussing her personal journey from fast fashion junkie to socially responsible business owner. It includes a backpacking trip in Asia, a factory in North Carolina, a garment that can be worn over 30 different ways, and the most successful fashion Kickstarter campaign of its time…

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