Andrew Hessel, a futurist and catalyst in biological technology, delivers a powerful and thought-provoking talk about the interplay between ethics, society, and life.

Through the lens of his research in 3D-printing cancer-fighting viruses, Andrew challenges us to consider how we build ethical frameworks in our careers and in our lives.

About the speaker

Andrew Hessel is a Distinguished Research Scientist with Autodesk’s Bio/Nano Research Group, which is developing software tools for designing living and nanoscale systems. He’s currently working to “3D print” customized cancer fighting viruses, starting with dog cancers. He is a 2016 AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassador, a fellow of the University of Ottawa Institute for Science, Society, and Policy, and past co-chair of the biotechnology and bioinformatics at Singularity University. He has written articles on genetic technology for The Atlantic, Wired UK, and Huffington Post and given over 100 invited talks on next-generation biotechnology.

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Mar reyes mexico

Such a relevant subject!!! 👏🏻

Mar Reyes
Deep shah

Quite inquisitive ! Nice talk and an insight into the evolution of biotechnology, which is outgrowing humans themselves ! As he put in the talk itself even though in a different context, i am in a dilemma - One in the power and magic of what technology can do and the another, what have we humans evolved into to reach a stage where we have to or we do such things ! I mean seriously, dont you guys think we as a society should RECONSIDER the way we inhabit our lives ? Is this really the way we wanted or want or foresee our future generations to live and exist ?Not throwing a question on the amazing scientific discovery by these scientists and their team but if you look back and introspect first someone creates a virus, a cigarette, etc and then we strive to find a solution or a way to remove it or get rid of it. What if we stick to the basics of living and existing really as humans? Wouldn't we be living in a better place ?