Taking a risk means different things to different people so this time Kristiina sat down with the audience and gave them the chance to tell their stories.

Kristiina Komulainen, an entertainer and a radio show host had been working for short-time for many years when she felt that she couldn’t keep living like that. She had read an article after an article about how effortless it is to change your life but she felt like something was missing. Where was her bolt from the blue? One day she read an interview of a man who left his high rank position to set up his own clothing store. In that article he said that he knew what he had to do and what he wanted to do but having that knowledge didn’t mean that things would be easy for him or he wouldn’t be afraid of. She resigned that day and has been an entrepreneur since. This was just her story. Check out the video to find out more.

About the speaker

Other people do what they can –Kristiina does what she wants

First you recognize the voice. Then the face. Kristiina Komulainen is a popular radio and tv personality. She has hundreds of live tv broadcasts under her belt, she is a script writer, director and a producer and has also created a successful radio channel of her own. As she has once again taken the leap to do something different RISK is familiar to her.

-You should dare to be afraid. Because if you are taking a life changing RISK that is exactly how you will feel, afraid.

Kristiina is serious: she created a community called Trail Hunterz that encourages people to face their fears and take the leap. Kristiina will talk to us about how she copes with being afraid and what drives her to take RISKs. We are in for a refreshing morning!

Someone might say her hobbies also wrap around this month’s theme, RISK. Or how do motorcross and downhill skating sound to you?

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