Let’s be honest: Sometimes the muse shows up… and sometimes they don’t.

How do you infuse a personal vision into creative practice? Some artists keep a schedule to allow time for reflection, ideation, and inspiration every single day, regardless of what comes from it. But for the rest of us, oftentimes it’s deadlines or other pressures that finally push a creation to take form. Luring ideas out can be difficult, trying work. And that’s when a simple act like taking a walk or engaging in simple movement can shift our mindsets and make space to listen, meditate, and invite new musings that otherwise may not have come.

About the speaker

Jane Selle Morgan is deeply interested in magic and questioning perceived reality. Through her work and interactions, she strives for ways to bring these alive in daily experience.

She makes films for Fortune 500 companies (like Facebook, Adobe, and Google) with the company she co-founded in 2014, Skycar Creative. When pitching ideas, she and her creative partner often find that a “layered reality” (also called magical realism) approach tells stories that make audiences question what our senses tell us. They also shoot documentaries to celebrate people who make enchanting things (like fairy houses! ) and people who do really hard things, like working to change the justice system.

She’s on a mission to help creative people to trust their own artistic point of view and have the courage to make stuff. And also inviting them to get super quiet with reverence for the nothingness that may, in fact, be full of goodness. Jane speaks at conferences, maker gatherings, and sometimes to herself when a project gets really weird – because sometimes the project answers back.

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