I'm a life designer/zen infuser/chaos tamer. Born in Malaysia. Made it over to the US with one bag at the age of 17. Somehow today I have more than one bag...I've managed to accumulate quite a bit but am still a minimalist at heart. Background in piano performance. MBA. Got a special award from Secretary Powell for creating a morale enhancing program at the US Embassy in Indonesia and for leading several evacuations in 2003. After that life changing experience, I started to invest my resources towards wellness and got my coaching certification. My passion is helping busy humans live a more fulfilling life. I love leveraging art, mindfulness, embodied practices and nature in my work - it helps us all open up to more wisdom within and for us to make wiser decisions. My decade at the Gates Foundation has opened my eyes to see that I want to continue to be of service to the world and impact others through my coaching and teaching.

wellness, how to create beauty, how to infuse more zen and order amidst chaos.

marketing via social media and web design

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Dalai Lama - he's simply wise and funny at the same time.

Precognitive dreams

Buy some land/property in nature. Live in a tree house. Build tiny homes. Create cool events, beautiful spaces and yummy food.

Birthdays of anyone close to me

To witness nature

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