“Choirs connect us to each other, our mood gets elevated, and we calm down.”

James Sills shares his work in the power of communal singing, how it helps us connect with ourselves and each other.

About the speaker

To celebrate the theme of Tradition, we’ve invited musician James Sills to bring the community together to talk about and experience the joy of communal singing. This event will be all about accessing and opening our collective hearts. No prior singing experience required.

Driven by a belief in the power of communal singing, James Sills has made it his mission to bring people together through joyful musical expression. Not only does singing together unite voices, there’s evidence it also synchronizes heartbeats and has many other social and physiological benefits. James sees all this in action in the open-access groups he leads in the UK, which includes community choirs, a hospital workplace choir and a choir for the homeless. He travels around the world as a speaker and workshop leader, whilst also performing internationally with festival favorites The Spooky Men’s Chorale. His first book ‘Do Sing: reclaim your singing voice and find your singing tribe’ will be released in Fall 2019 through the Do Book Company.

INSTAGRAM / TWITTER: @jsillsmusic

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