David Muller helps people with big ideas to have more impact with less effort. ( ...it's a secret formula and goes like this: Talk less about stuff that's important to you and more about stuff that's important to your customer :)

He has helped startups to raise very nice amounts of funding, create lovable products, and create marketing messages that don't sound like marketing messages. He also can't stop co-founding companies himself. His favorite superpower is somehow ending up being friends with all of his clients.

David will now stop referring to himself in the third person, because it's silly.


project feedback (city escape cabin, happy client app, brand impact workshop)

If you want to get a ton of stuff done aim for judo-solutions: Biggest impact with minimum effort.

Entrepreneurs that have kids. HOW?!?!?!

Making pretty darn good coffee

Truck driver. I love road trips!!

An idea is worth nothing until you start

How to do a swimming flip turn.

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