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As the end of the year draws near, life can get humorously hectic. We rush to finish up projects, try to squeeze in appointments with loved ones, and can easily lose track of ourselves in the process. When things get crazy, how can we create moments of stillness?

When silence is intentional, it is valuable and restorative. It brings us back to our senses and is essential to our holistic well-being. Silence allows us to take a step back and realign with our intentions, our hopes, and ourselves. Just what we need as we step into a new year: consciousness and purpose.

But based on who you are, silence can mean different things. And for someone living with (or around) chronic illness, silence can mean something totally different.

Our speaker this month is London-based filmmaker and video journalist Jameisha Prescod, who is also the founder of You Look Okay To Me, an online space for chronic illness. Through the platform, she produces online creative content that explores themes surrounding chronic illness and disability, breaking the silence around subjects rarely known outside of lives that they touch. And sometimes dispelling silence (and not the silence itself) is what brings us back to our senses.

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