Freelance creative consultant specialising in social marketing for food and fashion brands.

Food, social media, marketing and business strategy. I spend most of my working week combining them all together.

Meeting new clients! I like to work with small brands, independents and individuals so if you have someone who needs some support with their socials feel free to tweet them my way!

Follow your gut. Classic, cliche, but top notch advice.

This list is full of writers! Elizabeth Day, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Dolly Alderton, Florence Given, Charley Cox and fashion writers Susie Bubble and Leandra Medine. I admire women who speak their truth and aren't afraid to be colourful along the way.

I make the most amazing spaghetti bolognese. I add baked beans to it, which some people think is weird (and no, that doesn't make it a chili) it's really tasty and is the ultimate comfort food.

My backup career is a TV presenter. People keep encouraging me to start a food youtube channel, perhaps I'll get around to that one day...

The location of seemingly every Pret in London.

How to make the perfect margarita, complete with foamed ice top.

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