1/ Elise

E: eliseboileau@live.fr

Gig in Hampstead on Friday 22nd February

Dawn Coulshed, the Islington Choir and LAURE, 5 pounds

2/ Anat

E: shabi.anat@gmail.com

People who want to build killer presentations, life is too short to listen to boring ones.

3/ Carol

E: carol@beyoufeelcool.com

If you need a kick in the ass, FIND ME ON IG @beyou.feelcool

4/ Theo

E: theodor.pint@gmail.com

Ask:1) Video Production, Videographer and Video Consultant looking for cool projects. Of any kind.

2) If anyone needs a room in an awesome Ealing household, do not hesitate to contact me.

For our community for January, here’s what you need to know: 

1/ Alice Shyy

I made Carson The Guinea Pig, family-friendly comic book. It’s like The Little Prince but the Prince is a guinea pig and the rose is more guinea pigs. Please see what’s up with Carson via @carsoncomic on Instagram

2/ Edith

3 ways to change the world:
1. Stand in solidarity for the Stansted 15
2. Join a Help Refugees Supper Club
3. Go vegan!

3/ Al

I’m looking for a mid-weight graphic designer and copywriter to join an awesome film production studio for full time roles. It’s the best company culture, come and see for yourself! 

Get in touch at: al.s.shaibani@gmail.com 

4/ Rebecca

next 19th January Saturday
immersive fitness experience + Q&A panel about new year resolution
grab ticket on link bio on instagram: @babes.balanced

5/ Natasha Blok

Happiness tour with tea and chocolate launching 19th January and 21st January mornings, special price on Eventbrite
Extra creative and edible workshops through facebook - please join and share with others - many thanks!

6/ Karimah

Exhibiton at Unit 31, East London Feb 7th
Contact me directly to recommend communities to add to my ongoing list or follow @myppl london to follow the project!

7/ Rosie

WeWork event series in collaboration Sanctus on an event series on mental health and the workplace. Starting Jan 30th - March 30th
Sanctus.io (medium page)
@sanctus  (insta and twitter)

8/ James Kite

EVENT on 31st Jan In Person short film screenings, conversations & more.
Take Care x

9/ Theodor Pintilie

Videographer, looking for projects and creative people to work with.

10/ Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Rapitation: rap and spoken word meditation launching Monday Jan 14th
Sign up: www.sweatandsound.com/attend

11/ Michael Colley

Startup looking to connect independent suppliers to offices in London
I’m looking for marketing advice or office managers to chat to!
Find us at www.fruitbat.co

12/ Veronica Melkonian


LOOKING FOR WORK - serial rationalist and ex finance economics graduate with a masters in music looking for part-time / freelance opportunities

13/ Stuart Chater

Looking for freelancers to help with our recycling start-up.

14/ Uslan Cevet

Come to VCN, show and tell talk series! next event 5th Feb meetup.com/visual-content-network

15/ Jay Singleton

You have good ideas and I know you’re funny lets make a podcast! I’m an audio producer looking for work, especially any oppurtunities for a work visa.

16/ Zahra Khamisa

Moved here 3 weeks ago, looking for work/volunteer/community/friends in sporting events, volunteer management, yoga, cancer care.

17/ Lawrence Lam

lawrence.lam07@gmail.comLooking for a job and friends to get sweaty with! I am an avid triathlete, and have worked in the sports sector as a manager and swim coach. Also have an engineering degree that sometimes comes in useful.

For #CMtradition, we had:

1/ Amelia Cullen

E: ameliajane.cullen@gmail.com

Thesis on pop culture feminism, looking to speak about it, podcasts panel anything

2/ Lucie lincoln

E: lucy@lincoln.co.uk

50 coffees on the meaning of life - taking people for coffee to record mini podcast series and get their vision on meaning of life

3/ Julia Racsko

E: juliaracsko@gmail.com

Job search for junior UX&visual hybrid (illustration too)

4/ Anne-claire Fleer

E: artbyanneclairefleer@gmail.com

website: anneclairefleer.com -> abstract art for sale

5/ Natasha Blok

E: Natasha.Blok@hotmail.co.uk

 @toucantoo_ happiness tours launching in 2019, also curious adventures, playful, creative, light hearted & if you want to join me on a Magical Afternoon tea in January daytime…

6/ Nadaav Soudry

E: hello@nadaav.com

I have a short film comedy that I would love your opinion on. I’ll do test screenings in Islington and Soho - get in touch if you have 20 minutes to watch and give me your thoughts.

7/ Laurence Morgan

E: laurencemorganmusic@gmail.com

Photographers for promo music shots hit me up!

8/ James Kite

E: find.enlight@gmail.com

Developing a creative hub to help with people’s loneliness & lack of connection. Also introducing people to cultural events around London.

9/ Maz Osborne

E: mcnosborne@gmail.com

I am looking for someone to gig with for my new electronic music project, FLOTSZAM. I have released my first single and will be releasing more. So I’m looking for a keyboardist/electronic musician (who can perform with Ableton Live). The songs explore how to live in the natural / digital world.

10/ Greta Oros

E: cecilia.greta@gmail.com

Project manager just moved to London from Singapore and I’m happy to get involved in digital and creative programs or projects.  

For #CMrestart, we had:

1/ Amelia

E ameliajane.cullen@gmail.com

I need a job! Looking for digital strategy roles. I work in fashion, interested in pop culture, books. Just completing my masters in media and communications.

2/ Sarah

E sarah.barnes@beryl.cc

Hiring designers and developers for cycling tech company (Beryl.cc)

3/ Anne-Claire Fleer

E artbyanneclairefleer@gmail.com

I’m launching a new abstract art collection on Black Friday - I’m an abstract artist - I’ve got you sorted for Christmas presents

4/ Caoimhe Smyth

E caoimhe@fitgreenlean.com

Looking for an illustrator to help me better communicate the elements of an online health & wellness program launching early 2018

5/ Jennifer Hoddinett

E jenniferhoddinett@gmail.com

Hi! Ambitious, creative marketer here looking for full time work. I have diverse marketing experience across B2B and B2C, working in campaign management and content development. Would love to hear of any job opportunities.

6/ Natasha Blok

E Natasha.Blok@hotmail.co.uk

I’m facilitating fun interactive and edible (!) classes at City Lit this November, feel free to sign up: Mindfulness with Food and Drink (17th November), Chocolate Tasting (18th November) and Introduction to Tea. (13th November) and follow my playful, creative and light-hearted antics on @toucantoo_.


1/ Rebekah Heineke

E rebekah.heineke@gmail.com

Kickass Fitness & Wellbeing events for people wanting fun and accountability in a supportive community. Event on Sunday 4th November, check it out: 


Find me on @babes.balanced or www.wellbalanced.carrd.co

2/ James Kite

E find.enlight@gmail.com

Looking for organised & driven folks who have a passion for cultural hubs & space generating engagement & creativity with the community

3/ Georgia Millard

E  georgiamillardccm@gmail.com

Whats my level of code like? Let me know!

4/ Kath Reuben

E kath@eatwith.com

I’m the Private Events Manager for London, Eatwith - we are a global company bringing people back to the table for dining experiences (our sweet spot is 8-30 diners). I have 2 asks: 1) always looking for cool/unique spaces that have a kitchen that we can host events in 2) CHRISTMAS party! - if you haven’t booked and want to do something different, contact me for the ultimate private dinner party experience.

5/ Edith

E shoot@edithwhitehead.com

  1. I’m wearing a great Arsenal shirt
  2. Respond to the GRA Consultation TODAY
  3. I’m running a workshop where adults write/illustrate/share the stories they wish they’d read/heard as children. I’m looking for people to participate, and a wicked space to hold it in.

6/ Jordain

E jedwards@aquent.com

I have a great colourful jumper which is an honest representation of me (psych). I’m promoting my fantastic company’s check my salary tool which gives an accurate representation of what salary expectations look like for industry professionals. It informs creatives of where they should be, if they are there and gives them the tools to get there over the course of time. I’m always happy to chat so give me a shout , we can talk about career progression but I can also let the marketing team know your feedback on the design and outlook of the tool too!!!

7/ Karel Kumar

E karel@manifest.london

Desks to rent in Farringdon (EC1R 5DX). We have 1-20 desks available in a creative agency. We would love freelancers, teams and companies!

8/ Sean van Oossanen

E spyvanoossanen@gmail.com

Hello! I’m a digital product designer who has just moved across from Wellington, NZ. I’d love to learn more about the tech scene and diverse work culture. Equally happy to chat about Lebron on the Lakers, photography or travel. Let’s meet up for a coffee or hot chocolate, my shout :).

9/ Minh Nguyen

E minh@diamonddealerdirect.co.uk

Bonjour! I’m planning on developing a strong social media team based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to try and flip a family run business corporate. I’d love to work with people who can encapsulate the business and show how driven we are about the clients and not the product.

10/ Mary Min

E the5whysproject@gmail.com

I’m trying to encourage people to ask why and to become more of a critical thinker through my project called the5whys (@the5whys). I do this by creating a unique set of visual interviews where the only question is why, but 5 times.

I’m looking to interview people and collab with artists/photographers, so feel free to get in touch!

11/ Jay SIngleton

E Jahwuan.singleton1@gmail.com

I’m a sound engineer and podcast producer who is very interested in speaking with people on the topic of digital storytelling for my dissertation. If that’s you, please reach out i would love to talk. Also my visa ends in February and I am looking for work opportunities in the audio and production field. Please get in touch!

12/ Bria Woods

E briawoods8@gmail.com

I am a media and content producer and I recently graduated with my MA in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism looking for full time work in the tv, or radio, or marketing communications industries. Most importantly I do require visa sponsorship. So if you are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced multimedia media producer please get in touch:)

13/ Aman Kaur

E aman@amankaur.co

I’m an online life and business coach and I help women master their mindset to live their best lives! If you have an online business or want to start an online business and are looking for support in that next level, I would love to support you! My website is amankaur.co

14/ Fred Miller

E info@artspeakcommunity.com

Want to start an artspeak chapter in london! More info @ artspeak.co

1/ Al

I just quit my job! I’m quite excited for the next chapter so if you know anything interesting in the world of strategy, storytelling and science data analytics, let me know: al.shaibani@slc.ubc.ca 

2/ Sam


Lots of creative projects, exploring patents. Experiment with graphic designers, people that suffer from negative thought patterns, they’ll collaborate. He is looking for graphic designers and people that suffer from negative thinking patterns (OCD, paranoia…) for his experiments.

Follow @channel.twelve

3/ Edith


Doing a project exploring the relationship between stories, power and identity. Looking to do interviews with people about this, in exchange you get a portrait taken.

4/ Ariel Silverman


I’m making a podcast and need help with someone who knows about sound editing! :) :D

5/ James Kite


Creating a physical hub for creative & academic findings & capturing explorations through soundscapes

6/ Lishu Gang


In a film production crew but we’d like some film professionals’ help, i.e. mentoring, giving a talk, reviewing and critiquing.

The ethics of politics of labeling refugee groups.

7/ David Booth


On Deck (beondeck.co) is a dinner series and evolving global community of high quality entrepreneurs, product, engineering and creative talent looking to start/join new companies.

8/ Laetitia Butler


Just moved to London and I want to know “How to London”. Send me your favorite spots, neighborhoods, and ways of discovering the city. Also, looking for theatre and hair-related recommendations. Talk to me! @laebutler on Instagram

9/ Nina Rubesa


I’m a producer, actor, podcast host, artist manager & general creative explorer and I’m looking for a film crew: DOP’s, screenwriters, editors, colorists, styslists - people who want to make short films ona regular basis + I’m a creative consultant. If you’re a creative with an idea but not sure hwo to make it happen I can sit down with you and see how you can get from A to Z

10/ Malwina Koska


Inspiral Education is a social learning experience platform. We run Freedom of Expression courses for kids 11-14 years old in schools around the world. Students connect together for 6 weeks project to explore expression, limits and rights to expression and its creative side. Looking for enthusiastic and engaged teachers and schools to join our program. We have funding secured, all fees are covered.

11/ Qiqi Xu


I’m a UX designer / fourth-year uni student who just moved to London! I am currently doing my interaction design senior thesis on improving the digital reading experience. If you are an interaction designer, or know anyone that works or research in this realm, please let me know! I am also experimenting with project mapping so I’d appreciate any help or advice on (what to read, who to follow, spaces in London to visit) that since I am very new to this. Thanks folks!

1/ Elise

Elise’s sister is looking for an internship in UX/UI design for the summer; if anyone knows of any, get in touch: eliseboileau@live.fr. 

2/ David

David has put together a local culture magazine for Highgate, Stroud Green, Wood Green, anything green. He’s looking for people who are living in those areas who want to be involved: photographers, writers, contributors: hello@villageraw.com

3/ Carol

Carol is working at a startup (Money Farm) looking for new talent: Product Designers, Internships, Research, UX/UI. Get in touch: carolliao1990@gmail.com

4/ Gabriel

Looking to explore data literacy and interested in hearing anything about data literacy. Holler: mail@gabrielturner.uk

5/ Amelia

Wanna chat fashion? Get in touch with: Ameliaameliajane.cullen@gmail.com

6/ Nellie zulu

Nellie needs a logo desinger: she’s doing a project around how women go into the media industry. E: n.zulu22@gmail.com

7/ Stu

Stu just moved here and is looking for a house, a job and friends! He’s interested in environmental issues, social justice, and has experience in agencies doing social media. Hit him up: Stuart.chater@outlook.com

8/ Marica

How can we use ballet shoes that are discarded and make them into bracelets and other uses. Looking for feedback and product testing and market fit. Anyone who has an eye of design in jewellery and design and fashion, say hi. marica.rizzo@gmail.com

9/ Miranda

Miranda works for language learning platform Memrise and they’re hiring! Hhead of design, data analysts, language specialists, product specialists:
miranda@memrise.com memrise

10/ Olivia

Looking to do a series of events around the erotic impulse and creativity: olivia.owen@turnonbritain.co.uk

11/ Harry Potter flashmob

Need we say more?



11/ Jordan

Our friends at Aquent have an online platform called Native Gymnasium if you’re looking for something new or learning something new, new job. Free platform! Check it out: https://thegymnasium.com/


#CMgame brought us Lorie Trainor Buckingham.

Lorie is a London-born artist and Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins. As an artist Lorie works to create glitches in the everyday – to reframe the way people see it. Her work has been commissioned by the Tate and The ICA. Lorie is the CEO of A Taste Of Space - an artists studio that specialises in cross-platform storytelling. They collaborate with agencies and brands to reframe the world, creating immersive experiences that have a lasting impact on people. A Taste Of Space has created campaigns for clients such as Unilever, Cornetto and Lipton Ice Tea, which have gone on to win a Cannes Lion and a Design & Art Directing Pencil. 

1/ Rima

Making London Conference is happening at Conway Hall (May 2nd Wednesday). This is a conference for creators all about the makers and doers of London. Speakers include: Instagram, Lego, Google, Dazed, Google, Vice Adidas.

Tickets £10 for students, £25 for freelancers, £75 for big companies
All proceeds going to We Are Stripes charity
W/ MakingConference.Com
E/ MakingConference@gmail.com

2/ Sara

Sarah is working on a card & gift company. She’s looking to chat about people’s relationship with alcohol and how to readdress the alcohol problems. If anyone wants to share their stories, contact Sara to celebrate being sober, tell your story or just chat:

E/ sara.bender@gmail.com

3/ Kevin

Do you have any additional income that you do on the side? Side projects/AirBnb? If you want to streamline that, chat with Kevin and you’ll improve your life.

E/ kevin.sefton@4000rpm.co.uk
M/ 07968060791 (prefer WhatsApp)

4/ Jia Xuan Hon

This is a hackathon meets dancing: a Dansathon!
Invitation to play with dancers and technologists. Dansathon involves: dancers, communicators, and technologist looking at the future of dance.
Looking for 30 people across all disciplines:
28, 29, 30 september in Lyon, Liege & London!

5/ Sam

Research phase of an exhibition about art that was produced in the process of grief. Looking for makers who have created art during a period of grief; find Sam.

E/ doingwords.sam@gmail.com

6/ Uslan

Keep your eyes out for a talk series called Visual Content Network on May 1st on Meetup.com. Uslan also knows of a service for up and coming artists: getting current artists to be in galleries and spaces instead of dead ones. It’s called Creative Debuts: look it up!

#CMcourage brought us Ella Saltmarshe. 

Ella Saltmarshe’s work sits at the intersection of culture & systems change. She co-founded The Comms Lab, a systems change lab focused on the advertising industry. The Point People, which works on systems change across sectors; and a range of creative campaigning initiatives, including SHEvotes and Time To Vote. She writes drama for stage and screen, and is represented by The Agency. Her work on creativity and innovation has been published in The Guardian, Fast Company, The Financial Times, Creative Review, and i-D Magazine.

1/ Kenny

Kenny is a designer who’s developing creative behaviour thinking games.

Get in touch if you would like to test and have a try!

E/ kenneth.arnold@network.rca.ac.uk

2/ Peter

Peter has created the ‘Deck of Nudges’, a set of cards that nudge you out of your usual routine.

Get in contact if you want some sample cards.
He also runs ‘Serendipity Week’ which will run during the last week of September this year.
Get in touch if you would like to get involved!

E/ peter@dotworks.co

W/ http://www.dotworks.co/serendipityweek/

3/ Ariana

Ariana runs Sweat and Sound, an immersive fitness and music experience. She’s looking for an industrial feel space in Shoreditch.

E/ ariana@sweatandsound.com

W/ sweatandsound.com

4/ Laurence

A composer, arranger, singer song writer and maker of jingles - get in touch if you want anything created.

Also runs a podcast that shares and analyses people’s music - hit Laurence up if you or your friends have music to be analysed/shared on the podcast.

E/ laurencemorganmusic@gmail.com

5/ Martina Gleeson

Illustrator, painter, and general creative interested in creative and comedy, looking for work!

W/ www.martinagleesonillustration.com

W/ www.martinagleeson.com

I/ @i.is.wiv.ya

6/ Sarah Barnes

City designer and urbanist. Sarah is part of a meetup group called the ‘Impact Founders’ and they’re looking for social entrepreneurs and people who are working on solving the world’s problems to share insights and experience. Their first Event will be april 11th at Wayra, Piccadilly Circus

E/ sar.e.barnes@gmail.com

7/ Lorenzo Conti

Freelance graphic designer - get in touch for more info!

E/ lorenzo@lorenzodesign.co.uk

W/ http://lorenzodesign.co.uk/

Advice - staying in the fear and pain. running away in procrastination.

look at what it is and face it to deflate it .

stay with the fear that you have, [don’t run from it?] - ??

8/ Jim

Ten Group is hiring: 
Email Automation Executive

Content Writer

Head of EMEA Content (Arabic, English and French speaking)

Senior Marketing Executive

9/ Kevin

Is developing a platform that will do all your business admin automatically. Would like to organise a focus group to understand problems from freelancers, creatives, etc. Also looking for someone who can help with UX.

E/ kevin.sefton@4000rpm.co.uk

10/ Federico

A creative director and graphic designer who’s working with a startup that tells the stories that drive change. Is looking for story tellers and film producers

if you’re interested, get in touch.

E/ federico@doand.co

T/ https://twitter.com/federicogg

W/ http://www.doand.co/

11/ Shane

Need help in digital marketing and photography? Shane is your man.

Looking to work with some creative / fashion projects - find him at:

I/ @thatstylishnerd

E/ shane@thatstylishnerd.com

W/ https://www.thatstylishnerd.com/

12/ Lewis

Owned co-working/event space Lunar HQ that’s now sadly closing. If anyone wants to talk about starting a similar project, Lewis is happy to share the knowledge that he’s learnt over the last year.

E/ team@lunar-hq.com

13/ Stefano

Running an improv show on 17th April themed around magic.

Check it out!

F/ https://www.facebook.com/Improvable/

14/ Karolina

Digital designer looking for a new job

E/ hello@karolinac.com

15/ Hannah

Born and raised in China, Hannah runs a project called ‘Culturally Confused’. It’s a story telling platform for those who come from nowhere or everywhere.

Looking for story tellers, artists and people to help build and spread the platform.


16/ James

James is starting a new venture called ‘Cerebral Gym’ - made up of talks, classes, debates, meditation, games, brunch, dinner & evening show. There will be a pop up in Covent Garden from May. Want to get involved or have content to share? Get in touch:

E/ james@cerebralgym.com

W/ http://cerebralgym.com/

17/ Nina

Launched a startup that tells courageous stories. Also has a podcast about the music industry to showcase sound from different perspectives.

Is looking for someone to help with marketing and branding.

18/ Anne-aurelie pillet

Costume designer and stylist who has worked with advertising, TV dramas, films and advertising. Would love to meet some new people.

W/ https://www.anneaureliepillet.com/

E/ anneaurelie.pillet@gmail.com

19/ Hanna

Hanna works at Futerra, a creative agency on a mission to change the world for the better. They are launching a campaign called #OptimisticApril.

Get involved by sharing anything that makes you optimistic about the future.

T/ https://twitter.com/futerra

I/ https://www.instagram.com/futerra/

F/ https://www.facebook.com/Futerra/

20/ Carol

Founder of ‘Cool as a Cucumber’, a project on a mission to reshape the concept of being cool. It’s all about understanding and embracing yourself and doing the things you want to do! Check it out:

W/ www.coolasacucumber.net

I/ https://www.instagram.com/beyou.feelcool/

21/ Pilar Garcia

Is all about food and people and currently developing an app for independent restaurants to make cost control easy. She’s looking for someone that can help with growth strategy, sales, and/or a partner.

E/ pilar@penduloforce.com


Vivian’s started Ideas Jam, a creative meetup to connect, collaborate and create ideas to make London city more awesome! Think TED talk crossed with a public brainstorm. She’s got a rooftop space in Camden for the next free Jam - follow them on Facebook/Instagram to get details on dates!

F/ facebook.com/IdeasJam
I/ @ideasjam.london

February Community Minutes

#CMCuriosity with Sam Furness of Channel Twelve, and musicians Isa Wolf and Imran. Aaaaand, we’ll be sending out a survey to get your feedback on Creative Mornings London so keep your eyes peeled and tell us what you think/what you wanna see more of!

Remember all asks/offers from our 8000+ London community go on the incredible Creative Mornings app, made with Impossible: available on iPhone & Android!

1/ Anna

Anna’s a junior UX designer looking for her first job, she has training in service design and a degree in economics - get in touch!
E/ annaskoulikari@gmail.com

2/ Nina

Nina’s starting a new adventure called Project 52 - she is doing something new every week for 52 weeks - hook her up with new skills and projects for her to get involved with.
E/ nyrubesa@gmail.com

3/ Ariana

Ariana runs Sweat and Sound, an immersive fitness and music experience. The project is growing and they are looking for people in New York and LA who can join them on their journey.
E/ ariana@sweatandsound.com
W/ sweatandsound.com

4/ Amy

Amy runs a VR diversity initiative, which aims to make the industry more inclusive by making VR and AR more accessible. They are running free workshops that introduce the technology to underrepresented groups. She’s looking for organisations who want to help support the project and grow the programme (funding, spaces, developers) and also looking for workshop leaders.
E/ amy@achao.design
W/ www.vrfocus.com/2018/02/vr-diversity-initiative-launches-2018-campaign 

5/ Uslan

Uslan told us about his friend’s new company: Luminosa. It’s a sustainable design company who also do supper clubs and pop ups!
I/ @luminosa.events
W/ www.luminosa-events.com

6/ Matt

Matt is a professional cat sitter! If you’re going on holiday and you have a cat, hit him up!
W/ www.mattthecatsitter.com

7/ Trevor

Trevor’s from Lucky23, animation and motion graphics company. He wants to connect to anyone who has good ideas!
W/ www.lucky23.com

8/ Simon

Simon just moved to London and is looking for a more creative role after working 5 years for Ernst and Young as a consultant. He is interested in jobs in media, film, sports, retail, events or a creative agency.
E/ sndstarling@gmail.com

9/ Mildred

Mildred’s looking for a job in marketing, social media, advertising, or other media industries. She’s a media communications graduate and she’s looking for a company to sponsor her.
E/ mildred@mildredlike.com
I/ @mildredlike

10/ Vivian

Vivian’s got 10 years experience in project and product management and she’s looking for a job in London - hit her up!
E/ vivianduong14@gmail.com

11/ Aquent

Aquent, one of our wonderful sponsors, have their Talent awards coming up on 16th March at Jerusalem bar - get in touch for details!
E/ jedwards@aquent.com
W/ www.aquent.co.uk

12/ Elise

Elise’s next life drawing class at Lunar HQ is on Thursday 8th March - open to all skill levels! Get your tickets through the Eventbrite link below. Also, she works at The Audience Agency, and they’re hiring a Learning and Participation Consultant…tell a friend to tell a friend!
EB/ www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lunar-labs-life-drawing-tickets-41643910056
W/ www.theaudienceagency.org/careers

13/ Francis

Francis is our supertalented photographer and he’s doing a thing where once a month you can nominate a friend to get a free photo session with him! Thing is, you can’t tell your friend that you nominated them…
I/ @FranxisAugusto

14/ Josh

Josh is a designer at One Rise East - the company works with international brands, but they want to get more involved in community led projects and do some good! They have teams in graphic design, environment design and a production team - get in touch!
E/ joshua@oneriseeast.com

15/ Marcela

There’s a position open for marketing, it’s mid-level, in a South London co-working space. Also, startup TMRW is hiring a mid-level marketing person! Get in touch for details.
E/ marcela@tmrw.co

16/ Carl

Rotaready is hiring a mid-to-senior UI/UX Designer! Get in touch for more info.
E/ carl@roataready.com

17/ Sofia

Sofia works for Know Your Company - they help leaders and companies find their culture and values through feedback from employees. Get in touch if you’re interested in their products.
E/ anasofia.g22@gmail.com

18/ Stefano

Stef would like to meet other UX and visual designers that either work in startups and exchange thoughts and technics, or freelancers that are looking for a project (he’s got some ideas!).
E/ hello@stefano.studio

If you did a shoutout on the day but don’t see it here, it’s because we don’t have your details! There are a few really interesting anonymous projects floating about - let us know if that’s you and we can get you public!

17/ Miho

Miho: Co-founder of Rye Here Rye Now, a monthly meet up for creatives in London. Join them for an evening of drinks and discussion in the heart of the creative community in Peckham. Grab a pint, discuss design, exchange ideas or current briefs, and meet people to collaborate with. There will even be a chance for you to take the floor and share your project with the entire group. March 14th 7pm
T,I/ RyeHereRyeNow

(Photos by Francis Augusto francisaugusto.co.uk)