…and it’s time for YOU to Speak!This month You, our community, take the stage.
We are excited to announce that this month’s event will be a little different - let’s start this year by shaking things up!We want YOU to take the stage and share your angle on Promise! HOW IT WILL WORK:We’re asking you to present your take on Promise in a fun visual format.
20 images with 21 seconds to speak on each image.

It’s our salute to the magic of ‘Pecha Kucha’ with  CreativeMornings/Stockholm 2021 Twist (20 slides, 21 seconds each…get it? :)420 seconds to share your inspirational, real take on PROMISE.We’ll choose 3 speakers to present on the day.
A fun fair to showcase our community’s creativity! HOW TO APPLY:Complete the application form here by Thurs 21st January.

Selected speakers will be informed Fri 22nd Jan

Date of event Fri 29th January, 08:00.
**NOTE: the event is ONLINE

Don’t over think it!  

Let your creativity run wild. It will be incredible- we Promise ;)


Join us Friday 18th December for our final online event of the year!

We’ll be exploring the theme BIOPHILIA with our speaker for this month, Kirsten Hinder of Artwell.se

We are stoked to have such an inspiring speaker share with us on this intriguing topic.

Join us for this interactive & thought provoking session!

Tickets available from Monday 14th December.

Event link will be email Thursday 17th December.

November’s Theme is Radical.       

After an incredible first online event last month (thank you for bringing your epic energy!), we’re super excited to connect with you again for
this month’s talk on Radical.Our San Diego chapter chose this month’s exploration of Radical and Maheswari Janarthanan illustrated the theme.

“Better doors and realities can only open when
we collectively start to move differently.”

SAVE THE DATE: Nov 27, 08:00
(tickets available from Mon 23 Nov)

Check your inbox and our social streams for teasers on our incredible speakerElena Malakhatka.

This month’s theme is Transit.

You can join us virtually in Stockholm on Oct 23rd. More details to follow.

Thanks to all events being online right now, you can also get your global-citizen-vibes on by checking out the incredible, inspiring, heartening, thought provoking, challenging refreshing & community building events HERE.

Hello, CreativeMornings Stockholm!

We are excited to announce that we are back! Did you miss us? We missed you! 

We’re warming up and ready to roll with a whole new team, lots of new speakers & sponsors, and most importantly, YOU.

Firstly, how are you? What have you been up to? We hope you’ve stayed healthy and well!

We’re kicking things off Oct 23rd with our first virtual event.  We can’t wait to tell you more about it! WATCH THIS SPACE and keep an eye on your inbox & social

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Until then, this is us.

We are Caoimhe, Anastasia, Erik & Anna. A brand new team to give your favourite CM/Stockholm talks to a new ‘virtual’ upgrade.

We’ll introduce ourselves more in the next few posts. #excited

In the meantime, we would love to know what you want at your FRESH CM/Stockholm events?

Tell us …(you know you want to…) HERE .

See you soon.

Team CM/Stockholm


We’re back after a long warm summer with great news - our first talk after summer break is already this Friday with Jan Broman, founder and CEO of Fotografiska!

Already at the age of 9, Jan started to learn how to work with photography in his father’s studio, which was the starting point of his life-long passion for photography.

In May 2010 after successfully launching the photography fair Fotomässan, Jan and his brother Per opened a more permanent venue within the Swedish art scene, which was named Fotografiska.

Fotografiska has since it’s grand opening become a global destination for contemporary photography and have exhibited over 170 photographers to date, - work from both legends such as Annie Leibovitz and David LaChapelle, as well as from new photographers like Nick Brandt and Helena Blomqvist. In addition to the exhibitions, the multi-concept center also features an award-winning restaurant, photography academy, retail experience and programming.

Come listen to Jan sharing his life-long passion for photography this Friday, August 24th at 8:00am. Still some tickets left! https://creativemornings.com/talks/jan-broman-founder-ceo-fotografiska

We have a mission from our lovely partner Taverna Brillo, and we need your help!

Come up with a suggestion for a logotype for Bar Brillo, the winner is rewarded with a night at Bar Brillo, where the winner will be able to serve their closest 50 friends an aperitivo with snacks and drinks. 

Learn more. http://bit.ly/2icK9xQ

“Clothes make a statement, costume tells a story.” - All the way from New York, we invited Emmy-nominated costume designer Jenn Rogien, behind the costume of successful series Girls and Orange is the New Black. Jenn shared stories and experiences on the story telling power of clothes and what it takes to make a career in costume design. 

In collaboration with Fashion Week Stockholm AW17 / Photographer: Olof Grind.

Thanks to our local sponsors PROPERCORN​ and Alma AB​! And big hugs to our global partners MailChimp​, Shutterstock​ and Wix​! <3!

“Clothes make a statement, costume tells a story.” Jen Rogien concludes her Fashion Talks x Creative Mornings presentation from Alma. Speaking of her successful series Girls and Orange is the New Black, Jenn touches on the costumes of the shows iconic characters and how her ambition to making them “look real” has spurred the debate on body image, race, gender and identity. “I dont beleive in rules for dressing”. At Alma, Nybrogata 8, in creative collaboration with Fashion Week Stockholm.