David Bondarchuck tells about going from homeless to decorating the Whitehouse and meeting Martha Stewart as a caterer and decorator.

The reality of creative work is that being successful takes inspiration, access to some basic resources, and a lot of drive. Chef, decorator, and founder of Scratch Catering Services David Bondarchuck knows this better than most people.

As a teenager David lived in a homeless shelter. He spent his days at the Denver Public Library devouring books, including books on baking and cooking. David’s inspiration came when he saw Martha Stewart on TV and realized he could have a successful career doing creative things he loved. The library provided the essential tool - knowledge and education - to get David started on a journey that would take him from his love of catering here in Denver to decorating the white house, competing on the food network, and meeting Martha Stewart herself.

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David Bondarchuck’s love for cooking, baking, decorating, entertaining, crafting, and design has made him Denver’s premiere “From Scratch” caterer and lifestyle expert. His dedication and continuous pursuit of perfection has earned him two opportunities to Volunteer as a White House Holiday Decorator (2011 and 2012), and has earned him notoriety on The Martha Stewart Show, and HGTV.

In addition to his work as founder of Scratch Catering Services, David is currently a freelance corespondent with FOX31 Denver’s “Everyday Show” and CW Denver’s Channel 2 morning show “Daybreak.” David has also been featured on the local NBC affiliate 9news featuring recipes, tips on entertaining, crafts, and decorating ideas.

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When the White House calls him again and he's working at McDonalds, "Hey David, are you busy?" , and David replied with "Hi, Hey, ah no, what's going on? 'meanwhile I've got buzzers going off, I have BBQ lady over her, my boss is going, get off the phone…' ". — David Bondarchuck

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    David is just as genuine and open in person as he is in this video. He put on an amazing luncheon for the homeless folks in Denver at this main branch of the Denver Public Library last spring to an overwhelmingly large crowd. His food is phenomenal and delicious (love those brownies!), and he is amazing and delightful. (I'm an on-call clerk @ DPL & they asked if I'd like to help serve, clear tables, etc. for the luncheon.) This video was so inspiring, thank you David. I love the Cinderella story at the beginning and the story of when he's starting his business, just returning from D.C. after Michelle Obama invited him to decorate a room for the holidays, still working at McDonald's and the White House calls during the lunch rush hour! He's hilarious and sincere while telling his story that would discourage most young adults and he turns it into an opportunity to get to work and make life better! Amazing.

    Kathryn Codo