I geek out on personal journeys. Global change through personal change. Personal change through adventure and nature. This is what I do, what I write about, what I take pictures of, what I share.

A friend I met in the Peruvian Amazon recently called me a vagabonding champion of the unknown. I like it.

Do Morning Pages, a morning writing practice and also have a gratitude practice. Breathe.

National Geographic Adventurers of the Year - they dream big and take action; they push the limits and inspire; they are fueled by passion and purpose; they contribute to doing good and creating change.

No, not an option. I've found what I love, so there's no turning back. However, in old old age, I would love to see myself as a cool crone in a tiny mountain hut, welcoming visitors, telling stories and offering wisdom.

How to make a paper crane

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