Speaker Cynthia Morris shares some of the biggest creative chances she has taken and the unexpected opportunities they’ve brought her.

We’re wired to avoid threatening risks. But the nature of creating demands we take chances daily. In this video, speaker Cynthia Morris is on a mission to help creative people enjoy their talents so they can get their work out into the world.

An author, artist, and speaker, Cynthia has learned how to love being at her creative edge, a place many people avoid. She knows firsthand what it takes to finish and ship books, art, businesses and other ventures that have nothing to do with profit and everything to do with adventure.

About the speaker

Cynthia Morris coaches writers, artists and entrepreneurs to make their creative dreams a thrilling reality. Founder of the boutique coaching company Original Impulse, Cynthia leads creativity workshops in the US and Europe and is a team coach for Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project.

Author of the Paris novel Chasing Sylvia Beach and the how-to guide Create Your Writer’s Life, Cynthia is also a watercolor illustrator, intrepid traveler and foodie.

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