I am UX Designer in Denver, Colorado and host of the Denver chapter of CreativeMornings.

In the past I was a UI developer and Design Researcher at a few different agencies and startups around Denver. I have a BS in Physics and Comp Sci and an MBA, just for kicks. I like good books and other folks who read them, watching good movies, and a good single malt. I like thinking about people - what makes us tick, and how we can be our best selves through the way we interact with each other, our tools, and the world around us.

Software, UI design, programming, prototyping, research, roman history, coffee, powergloves.

"You could do a lot worse than reading Calvin and Hobbes all night."

Flight. Definitely.

Open a coffee shop!

Batman. Spiderman.

How to make a good french press - it's fast and easy.