Taking risks and pushing yourself is something that Carl Martin has been doing for years. By leaning into mircro-interactions, trusting his gut, and building relationships, Carl has done work that he can be proud of.

Today, Carl Martin takes us on a journey of his career, marked by the relationships he’s developed over the years. Carl’s company, Wurqs, embodies so much of who Carl is himself. They exist to help their users build relationships that unlock personal growth and opportunities.

About the speaker

Having been a designer, a marketer, a product manager and a business developer, Carl is a proud generalist who believes it is his strong sensibility around digital products and his passion for building meaningful relationships, that have set him up to build a company of his own design in Wurqs.

Carl wrote his dissertation on the opportunity for mobile as a platform for brands in 2007, just as the iPhone was launching, and this placed him at the forefront of a fledgling but promising new industry. This expertise was not only leveraged by iconic agencies and studios such as AKQA and ustwo, but also over 3 years as Head of Mobile at luxury fashion brand Burberry.

Carl comes to CreativeMornings London to share his attitudes and perspectives on building relationships in the world of work, via the serendipitous story of his own career.

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