I make videos (and, from time to time, take photos)! We love working with clients in the manufacturing, hard drive, music and brand worlds, and have been doing that here in Chicago for the past couple years. If you see me at an event, wave and say hi!

Researching for and producing ideas for killer companies, individuals or causes who are looking for others to know about what they're up to.

Learning about how to be way better at what I do, whether that be communicating ideas, being empathetic, thinking differently, etc.

Sleep more

I admire people who are transparent, and live lives with weight. The kind of person who's digging for more and planting as much as they can around them is the type of subject who excites me most.

Extracting the proper dissolved solids from my morning coffee

Park Ranger


How to listen, pay attention and exercise empathy toward your environment


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