POSTPONED Aysha Al Hamrani

Hosted at Palmwood

part of a series on Identity

About the speaker

Aysha Saif Al Hemrani is a digital artist born in Ajman, United Arab Emirates and is popularly known as @Mnawrah.

She enjoys Emirati pop culture and makes it a point to translate that culture into art.

While Aysha’s family and teachers have been very supportive all throughout, the turning point for her was when she actually shared her drawings with the general public through social media platforms in 2005.

Aysha dreams of converting her talent into a valuable contribution towards her society as an inspiration to others. She passionately believes that there are many hidden gems within our culture that are yet to be discovered and shared with the world.

Local partners

Additional details

New venue this month PALMWOOD in Emirates Towers, beside the YouthHub.

2hrs of free parking, coffee, snacks, and the metro is also close!

Warmup with Moe at 8:15 talk begins sharply at 8:30.