I tackle difficult problems by handling unknown information and finding relevant data. I communicate well with all levels in the organization, and work in cross-functional and cross-departmental teams to combine knowledge and find interdependent connections. I help people to simplify and optimize work processes and improve their experience as I look at the bigger picture. I learn continuously, quickly familiarize myself with what is known and test ideas that have not been tried before. I truly thrive in multicultural environments having lived in 4 different countries, learned 6 languages (4 fluently), and worked with people from different backgrounds. I am driven by curiosity, not afraid of failure, and am willing to contribute to decision making. My interest and focus areas: ♦ Change Management & Transformation

Recruitment. Locating financial support and sponsors. Cross-cultural communication.


"Making a decision is like jumping from a cliff. You jump, it is done, no time to get scared." from my mentor.

Selma Blair - for her strong character, ability of being herself, and strength to stand firm on her feet no matter what

It is a secret :)

Career coaching, advising, mentoring, guiding

Whether I had breakfast

Language. Popular expressions in Russian or Danish.

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