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Ali Shabaz: Creativity is the answer. What was the question?

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April 24, 8:15am • NEST co-working space • part of a series on Inclusive

We are really excited to have Lucy Bradley joining us on the 16th.  

January’s theme is SURREAL

When you look at the artwork of Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dalí,

there’s an element of surprise. Why does it feel familiar yet also


Surrealists sought to break free from the shackles of the rational

mind and dive into the deep end of the unconscious. The

canvas, then, became a mirror for what emerged out of that

process. This movement was inspired by events in the 1920s on

the heels of the first world war and continues to influence

artists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers. This cultural and

artistic movement ushered in new techniques that helped

humans expand their minds.

Today, we recognize a sense of the surreal in unexpected

moments in daily life. Art exhibits like Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity

Room are becoming readily available, encouraging people to

immerse themselves in experiences that break reality. A ballet

performance or a silent meditation retreat can be a dreamlike


Whether we experience a surreal moment or dabble in

processes like drawing without thinking or writing without

self-editing, there’s something to be learned about ourselves

and what lingers under the hood of our desires to keep life

orderly and controlled.

Happy New Year! Our Brussels chapter chose this month’s

exploration of Surreal and Charlotte Dumortier illustrated the

theme. SURREAL is presented globally this month by .

What a morning!  Helen Sell took us on a trip through her 18+ years in Dubai and her creative journey. 

Things are never as they seem was a big reminder from Helen.

When the going gets rough go sailing and see what you can figure out, literally.

Friends are interesting and you never know how they are going to help or hinder your progress.

In the end what we learned from Helen is that her career has been a series of life restarts and without them she never would have gotten to where she is today BUT the path is never clear looking forward.

And there is James getting ready to launch the 41st CM in Dubai.

Michael Ogden the person behind the 360 videos at CM_Dubai.

Helen telling us her story.