What is Courage? Three Oaklanders share their perspectives on what takes courage in their lives.

Mama J discusses the courage in activating their cultural superpower to examine white-dominant narratives and relationships. Margaux Joffe shares her personal story of the courage needed to break stigmas about ADHD. Mayowa Tomori questions what courage is - and how we become more engaged citizens and friends when we have the courage to ask.

About the speaker

Jillian “Mama J” Roth is a multi-passionate love leader meets mamapreneur with an interdisciplinary approach to how she loves + lives + learns in Berkeley and Oakland, CA and the larger Bay Area. Driven by Intentional Justice™—defined as bite-sized and deliberate daily action plus Revolutionary Love or the Lovelution, Jillian uses her persistence and understanding of humans and organizations to co-create transformational experiences that liberate the individual and organizational clients she serves. Jillian’s career began as a community educator, evolving into a non-profit and community organizer-turned-educational researcher. Now, Jillian’s work is as a school leader, data manager, and independent consultant. Each shift in role has provided the opportunity to hone and utilize her strengths, knowledge, and technical skills. Through it all, the main threads in the tapestry of the work are: transforming education, working in partnership with various stakeholders, creating space for equity and inclusion, fun and humor, along using data as a tool to learn, evaluate, and show impact.

Simultaneously, Mama J is on a mission to feed the souls of badass women who know intellectually and intuitively there’s a better way than the status quo. Mama J’s approach to personal development is using doses of soul medicine–an experience of being present with your essence or inner knowing–for badass women who are ready to Love Yourself like a Mother! with Intentional Justice™

Most mornings you’ll find Mama J with a cup of joe amidst the dance of life, leadership, and business. Armed with the love and joy oozing from Jaylin, her daughter with wife Stephanie, is Mama J’s non-stop why to keep putting one foot in front of the next to live a life of authenticity, presence, and adventure with her family. On an ideal day, you’ll find Mama J near a body of water drinking bubbles or a microbrew!

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