What is Courage? Three Oaklanders share their perspectives on what takes courage in their lives.

Mama J discusses the courage in activating their cultural superpower to examine white-dominant narratives and relationships. Margaux Joffe shares her personal story of the courage needed to break stigmas about ADHD. Mayowa Tomori questions what courage is - and how we become more engaged citizens and friends when we have the courage to ask.

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This April we featured three incredible speakers as part of our series on COURAGE and Audience Takes The Stage. Jillian Roth, Margaux Joffe, and Mayowa Tomori all shared their personal takes on what it meant to show courage.

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Questions are powerful: they can completely shift the direction of a conversation, shift the energy in a room, and transform our understanding of the world. — Jillian Roth, Margaux Joffe, and Mayowa Tomori ATTS 2018

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