Altruism into Action

It’s an unusual art competition – that doubles as a food drive! For our 24 Hours of Impact project, bring at least 10 nonperishable food items on July 13, grab some CreativeMorning friends and together, create unique “CANstruction” designs. After the masterpieces are assembled and winners announced, we’ll pack up and donate the items to Food Bank for the Heartland. Most needed items:
Peanut Butter
Mac & Cheese
Canned Tuna, Chicken, Pork & Beans
Pancake Mix
Canned Fruit & Vegetables
Pasta & Sauce
Boxed Meals
Registration Opens Monday, July 9 >

Thanks to all who helped celebrate one year of CreativeMornings/Omaha!

Here’s to many more years of hugs, high-fives, new friends, inspiration and collaborations!

Photo by Eric Francis

We are excited to announce that Clark & Company will be performing for the CreativeMornings/Omaha birthday party Nov. 10!

Clark & Company was created by triplet siblings from Omaha. The Indie R&B band has recorded and released 42 original songs, all with mature melodies, fresh arrangements and a stirring signature style that takes listeners on a lyrical journey.

Clark & Company has been nominated five times since 2014 in the Omaha Entertainment & Arts Awards for Best R&B, Best Blues, Best Jazz, Best Pop and Best Local Album.

Music, videos, concert dates and social media links can be found at

We are turning one and that means it’s time to celebrate!! 

The topic may be Death, but we plan on living it up. Music, treats, some champagne…come celebrate with us! The program starts promptly at 8:15 and features Antonio Moore sharing how sometimes death creates opportunity for beautiful new things. 

We love getting to know our CreativeMornings attendees!

Brian Smith, Writer, Producer of TEDxOmaha - People are multidimensional, inconsistent and ever-shifting. Scrape away the superficial layer of social chatter when you meet someone. It’s up to you to find the good stuff. Ask better questions. Find a reason to get excited about their potential. Look for ways to share stories. More>

Natalie Wallace, Event Planner at Omaha Design Center and Omaha Fashion Week - Creativity is infectious. I may not be the best painter or musician or fashion designer, but I thrive on being around these people. A creative community pushes one to think differently and view the world from different shoes. I need to be around other creatives. Always. More>

We <3 our CM/Omaha Family!

Dylan Baumann - front-end engineer at Flywheel. Dylan is great at high-fiving. But he is also pretty good at being an overall good human being as we witnessed in May. His creative passion?Oh man, definitely problem solving. I find it absolutely fascinating to learn about why solutions are created, how that conclusion was reached, and which problems the solutions fix.” More>>

Matthew Holt - graphic designer and front-end web developer. Matt is CreativeMornings veteran attending in Minneapolis before moving to Nebraska. “I look forward to attending and seeing how others express their creativity in unique ways. It’s also inspiring to see what other people are doing and the potential to riff or collaborate together!” More>>

Check out these four inspiring human beings who have been attending our events!

John Henry Muller – John is the design director at Hudl and is passionate about people. “Art exists to give humans a better understanding of the world around them. Design exists to make the world function better for humans.” More>>

Rita Paskowitz – Rita is a storyteller and performance art teacher who delivers a dynamic experience whether as an actress on stage or through her teaching. “I believe if we all knew each others stories, we would have world peace.” More>>

Mackenzie Frei – As a student Mackenzie was told she would become enslaved in the commercial realm or need to take ‘the risk’ and leave for the coasts, although she found creative opportunities exist here. “We can all learn from each other and influence positive change.” More>>

Jamaal Chinn – Jamaal is drumming up attention for arts and culture in Nebraska through his creative agency WKND LDRS. He hopes to inspire others to create the environments they want to be in and not feel guilty about pushing the envelope for the arts and culture scene right here. More>>

Our inaugural CreativeMornings - Omaha is in the books! Nearly 100 attendees shared a morning full of inspiration, hugs and high-fives. Oh yeah, and some great coffee!