Spare Some Change? // Creative Solutions to a Tough-to-Discuss Taboo

Alexia Perry speaks about her own experiences with homelessness and how she uses creative activism to shift perspectives on our city’s biggest taboo.

About the speaker

St. Pete native and current USFSP student Alexia Perry is not your average college kid. She has always had a heart for the homeless community and in order to put her feelings to action, she launched Trusting the Process. In 6 short months, this innovative and nimble charity organization has already partnered with the City of St. Petersburg, CASA, Family Promise, and several local churches and shelters to help advance a common mission to change the homeless community for the better. Alexia frames her efforts with respect and realism, and uses public outreach, creative artistic displays, and face-to-face connections to spread encouragement, positivity, and a fresh outlook on this difficult topic.

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