I love to create bold and experimental patterns for the fashion and home decor markets that make a statement and leave an impression.

I find inspiration in the story behind an idea. My most successful designs start by imagining the small details of the person who would connect with my prints. Since the story is such a strong part of my inspiration and process, I believe we can use our imaginations to create new and unique stories through design.

I honestly can't say I know a lot about anything. I mean what is "a lot"? I know some about very little is probably more accurate.

I probably need help in not taking this question too literally because the only answer I can think of is that I need help with everything. I mean, don't we all?

Live and let live.

This is another difficult question. I find myself admiring loads of people in daily life and like to think that admiration isn't finite so one person doesn't really capture more of it than others.

I have a knack for improvising solutions on the fly without getting flustered.

I would love to be a nanny.

I have a terrible memory so this is a hard one. My name?

I have no idea. What's to say it's not new to them?


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