Cześć Kreatywni!
Pewnie zastanawiacie się, czemu tak dawno nic się tu nie działo. Jak to na jesieni bywa - niedźwiedzie przygotowują się do zimowego snu - tak i my, ze względu na liczne aktywności zawodowe, wprawiamy w stan hibernacji kreatywne poranki. Do odwołania.
Niech moc kreatywności będzie z Wami.
Pozdrawiamy ciepło.
Kasia, Agnieszka i Mateusz

Many thanks to our wonderful Partners: Propeller Films for videos, Teatr 6 Piętro for a place to meet, Starbucks for coffee and Krzysztof Świergiel for photos. We love you :*

Our December’s guest was Szymon Góralczyk. He has been a storyteller for three years working with a group of people called ‘Caravan of Stories’.   

He is a physiotherapist but a storytelling is the thing he does for a living. It all began with Tolkien and  Nordic mythology. Then there were Scandinavian and Polish Kashubia’s fairy tales which amazed Szymon.

He believes in the power of word which can change the world. In the stories he finds both aesthetic and educational qualities. Szymon says that storytelling builds social networks, allows to discover various cultures but also make you smile or move.

In November we had Michał Michalski - a co-founder of MusicRage services: BookRage, GamesRage and ComicsRage - the first sites in Poland disseminating cultural goods in a digital form operating on a “pay as you wish”.

BookRage is based on packages of electronic books, the innovative form of sales. The customer decides how much money goes directly to the author of the book, how much goes to the Modern Poland Foundation, and how much will be spent on the activities of the BookRage.

Modern Poland Foundation fights for constitutional “freedom of access to culture” (art. 73 of the Constitution), develops Free Reading Internet library by providing more than 2,000 books and audiobooks. See more photos from that event.

Our COLOR event took place on Invisible Exhibiton - this place is a unique interactive journey into the invisible world, where you can try out, how to cope in everyday situations without the help of sight – only by the sense of hearing, smell, balance. Our giude was Małgorzata Szumowska. We found out that “black” is a color.See photos from that event

Our FREEDOM event took place on 4 of June- the 25th anniversary of free election in Poland. We invited Polish artist Beata Konarska to talk about importance of freedom in art and life.


This was very symbolic date for this theme.

On 4 June 1989, we defeated communism. This date represents a triumph of solidarity and courage over doubt and political isolation. 4 June 1989 marks the beginning of a successful, large-scale transformation of Poland’s political and economic system. Civic, patriotic and artistic life in Poland did not cease despite censorship, repression and the Iron Curtain.

During our last meeting we could meet a very fantastic lady, Mrs Jiřina Nowakowska, famous Polish tap dancer and tap dance instructor. Her passion for her job and life was really inspiring.

We would like to thank for Starbucks coffe shop at Europlex (Puławska 17 street) for supporting us with coffee and delicious cakes!

Happy and Creative Easter!

We are coming back soon…

Thanks to Shutterstock for this foto.