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Our February CreativeMornings’ Rebel was Mateusz Jasiński – promoter of running, ambitious entrepreneur, and an ordinary man in love with life. He resigned from the great work, study and put everything on one card-on running. He opened his company, he began to train people and it started to work out!

He is a co-founder and author of a number of projects popularizing running as a lifestyle. Created and originated of the project www.pobiegani.pl-open, free running training for all, and co-founded one of the biggest platforms for runners in Poland, www.TreningBiegacza.pl.

His motto is: fear or championship- he chooses the second one :)

Do you already have a list of New Year’s resolutions? If you plan this year the implementation of your ideas and dreams, remember about participation in CreativeMornings meetings!

Next Friday, January 17th, you will get to know another creative story full of positive inspiration to action!


Our guest will be Ola Sitarska, a young programmer and entrepreneur. She’s 21 and she likes to keep busy.

She taught herself to code in python 5 years ago when she founded her first company, FashionStyle. Now she runs three games for teenage girls. She co-founded Issue Stand — to help people make their magazines more awesome on tablets.

Sometimes she speaks at conferences and events like Tech Open Air Berlin or Rails Girls. She helps people during Startup Weekends and she was listed as one of 100 Women In Tech In Europe.


Ola says: “I’m not afraid to admit that I failed a couple times and I learned the hell out of that. (…) I believe in karma, dream big, want it all and work hard to make that happen.”

Creative New Year from our Warsaw team!
After a holiday brake in December we meet again in January with a new portion of inspiration! CU soon…

Thanks for Shutterstock for access to photo base.

In November our speaker is Andrzej Bargiel, the first Pole, who managed to take the skis out of eight-thousander. He has something to say about bravery…

We literally played during our CreativeMornings meeting! That was fun and another creative inspiration.

Play with us on our next CreativeMornings meeting!

On Thursday Halloween morning, you can recharge your creative batteries for the whole weekend!

We invite you to a meeting about inspiration, the secrets of working on the album and magic of concerts. You will have a chance to play!

CreativeMornings 5th birthday is TODAY!

It all has started exactly 5 years ago in New York from passion of spreading creativeness for everyone, limitless. Simple local idea became a global world changing initiative. Isn’t it inspiring?

BIG thanks to Tina and the whole CM worldwide team for making this happen!

Another unforgettable experience behind us! Our CONNECT theme was presented by the great actor, cofounder and director of the „Teatr 6. piętro” [ Theater 6. floor], where our meeting took place.

Mr. Michał has created an amazing connection with the audience, telling about the great challenges of running own theater, being an actor and much more! 

The video from the meeting coming soon!