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On Thursday, March 26th, Adobe is bringing their creative powerhouse team to San Diego as a part of their ‘Creative Jam’ meet-up series. We’re lucky enough to have been invited to be a part of this event and our very own Nate Spees will be co-presenting with Adobe’s Paul Trani, Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist. We’re super excited to join Adobe for this event and even more, to be a part of the growing group of creatives in San Diego making a difference through community involvement!

Registration for Adobe’s Creative Jam is still open and space is available. Register, mark your calendars and come hang out!

March 26th at 3rdspace

We’re excited to jumpstart our second Creative Mornings event with Chad Nelsen speaking on behalf of this month’s theme of ‘Climate.’ Chad is the President & CEO of SurfRider Foundation, a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that works to protect and preserve the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches.

Chad is a leader in the new field of “Surfonomics,” which applies economics to value surfing. Chad is currently board president for the Save the Waves, an organization establishing World Surfing Reserves around the world, and a Director of The Coastal Society.

Come check out Chad’s talk this Friday, February 27th at Moniker Warehouse at 8:30AM.

(Photos shot by our CMSD team member: Phillip Westlund)

We are still so excited about January’s event, the turn out and response from everyone who came out. Here’s a quick photo recap of January’s ‘Ugly’ event with speaker Jason Russell.

We’re already busy planning the fun-tivities for this month! We’ll definitely keep you posted on things to come! 

Huge THANK YOU to Phil from Yes, Dear Studio for taking these epic photos.

We’re excited to get Creative Mornings : San Diego Chapter off the ground! This month’s theme of Ugly will explore some areas of the creative process and finding beauty along the way. We couldn’t be more excited to kick-off our first event with our debut speaker, Jason Russell. 


Co founder of Invisible Children, Inc., Jason Russell led the company’s creative vision with an emphasis on the power of storytelling. Using new media to artistically tell real and personal stories, and calling on viewers to get involved in their end, he has propelled Invisible Children to redefine and re-brand the nonprofit industry. Jason is both a work and life partner to his childhood sweetheart Danica, and can’t wait for their book “The ABC’s of Activism” to be released August 2015. He believes the greatest stories he gets to co-direct are those of his two gifted and gorgeous children, Gavin Danger and Everley Darling. 

Event info:

Creative Mornings : San Diego Chapter
January 23rd, 2015 | 8:00am
At Moniker Warehouse 
705 16th Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Tickets & Online registration will be available 7 days before the event.
Stay tuned for more info! 

This month’s theme is UGLY, chosen by our CreativeMornings/ Geneva team and beautifully illustrated by the talented Matt Chase

Learn more: http://creativemornings.com/blog/januarys-theme-is-ugly

Welcome, everyone!

We’re incredibly excited to build the CreativeMornings community here in San Diego! We’ll be updating you here with details about our first event in the coming month, but in the meantime we would love to have you register with CreativeMornings as part of San Diego’s community! Visit http://creativemornings.com/signup and signup, just make sure to select San Diego as your home chapter and tell us a little about yourself. Thanks!