The video and photos from our #CMWater talk at the Treasury are now live and available to view here: a big thanks to our volunteers for documenting the event: videographer Jayson Evans and photographer Christian Sangree of Prints Charming Photography.⁣And in the words of our speaker, Bek Barkocy: Be kind and stay flossy.

Mornin’! Our photo gallery and video from Elizabeth Maxwell’s talk on #CMSymmetry are now live! You can find them here:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ Thank you to our volunteers for documenting the event: photographer Christian Sangree of Prints Charming Photography, and videographers from OU VMS!⁣⁣#cmokc #creativemornings

Thank you for spending your morning with us, OKC! We learned a lot from Jeremie Kubicek this morning about having a vision. You can live either intentionally or accidentally. Sometimes you need someone else to help you flip your switch to intentional.

Thank you Shop Good for letting our #CMCRAFT attendees stick around afterward and try screenprinting. We had a blast!

We’re thrilled to announce our Audience Takes the Stage speakers. Here’s a little more about them:

Ashley Stephen is full of heart and wit, bringing real-life insight into business, leadership development and the creative industry from Georgia to California and everywhere in between.

Krista Rice is an Okie who pursues leadership and hospitality in every setting. I believe Jesus wants everyone to live a free life by being their raw, authentic and unapologetic true self.

After a lifetime involved in agriculture in the production, harvesting and marketing of wheat on the Great Plains, Tim Dillingham recently discovered a passion for painting barn quilts.

Only recently has Rachel Leslie, graphic designer for 12 years, started to feel like an artist. Sitting behind the computer screen was a safe place for many years and after the death of her daughter four years ago, she stepped outside of her comfort zone by incorporating hand-crafted projects to her repertoire, which she credits with bringing her creativity to life and ultimately improving her skill as a designer.

They’ll speak at 8:30 a.m June 15. at 1015 Rooftop in OKC. We’ll release tickets on June 11!