Leah Dees

June 21, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at PLENTY Mercantile

part of a series on Wonder

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Leah Dees is a confetti cannon of color and fun. She’s always poised to light up a room, bring joy to others, and celebrate people. She gets paid to make people’s day.

Leah creates experiences for people. From festivals to fundraisers, Leah does the work it takes to make events feel like magic. She also works as a marketing professional and consultant for businesses with a people-focused message, and she is always the ultimate hype-person/saleswoman/dance party starter.

Are you ready for confetti? We hope so, because Leah will papercut anyone who tries to get in her way of filling the world love, joy, and wonder.

Join us this month as we gather to hear Leah talk on the theme of WONDER on PLENTY Mercantile’s rooftop.

Leah Dees