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Marc Brew

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February 22, 8:30am • The New Parkway • part of a series on Symmetry

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#JusticeForNia #NiaWilson #SayHerName .
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In the shadow of the senseless murder of #NiaWilson, a faction of white supremacists thought they was gonna gather in downtown #Oakland…only folks who showed up were counter protesters, artists in solidarity, and this BIG ass banner… #LoveOverRules — view on Instagram

#Oakland! 🎉 Set an intention to join us next Friday, we have the incredible Ensemble @miknawooj speaking on the theme of #cmINTENTION, at our host this month #EBMUD. 🎟 Tickets are up on Monday at 11am, don’t miss em! 🎟
Want a sneak peek of #EnsembleMikNawooj? They’re performing Thursday night (tomorrow!) 6-7pm at @lathamsquare! 🎶 See you there!
Led by composer/pianist, JooWan Kim, Hip Hop Orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj (EMN) creates New Concert Music by sampling principles of Hip-Hop and Classical. Executed with MCs/lyricists Do D.A.T. and Sandman, a lyric soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, drums and bass, the music is rigorous, nuanced, accessible, and free from the dogmas of Western European concert music aesthetic.  The result is seamless tête-à-tête with “textures swimming through the sound…like the world’s fastest ping-pong game” (Pitchfork) and is considered the “cutting edge of hip-hop” (Huffington Post). .
#creativemornings #oaklandiscreative #cmoak #tw — view on Instagram

Attention #Oakland! July’s theme is #CMintention! It was chosen by @nashville_cm and illustrated by @nikdaum
This month it’s all about seeing closely the intention behind every action, project, or even a sassy tweet. How do we get better at turning our intentions into actions? 🤔

Come explore with us on July 27th! 🙌🏼 — view on Instagram

🎺 Introducing this month’s speaker for #CMCraft: BEATRICE URSULA! 🛠️⚒️
Beatrice Ursula is a visual artist and creative consultant based in Northern California. “I am an artist to the extent that I happen to be one — like how a seed sprouts because of rain, or how branches sway because of the wind. I have a flow-seeking energy and this defines how I go about different forms of art; from my abstract linework paintings and drawings to my reflective writings, to how I dance with a moment captured on camera.” This month’s talk is proudly presented by @VSCO! See you there on 6.29. — view on Instagram