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Nifa Akosua

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November 15, 8:30am • Oakland Museum of California • part of a series on Lost

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Have something to share with our community? Whether you’re promoting an event or cause, raising money, or looking to make connections, you can tell us all about it (succinctly) during the 30-second pitch portion of every #CreativeMornings event in Oakland. Head over to the link in our bio to express your interest in participating! #oaklandiscreative #everyoneiscreative #everyoneiswelcome #30secondpitches — view on Instagram

Great news, Oakland! @avilonny will be presenting on the theme of #CMend at our next event on 7/26 at @thenewparkway. Lonny Brooks is an Associate Professor in the department of communication at California State University, East Bay and a leading voice of Afrofuturism 2.0. He’s also executive producer and co-creator, with Ahmed Best, of The Afrofuturist Podcast. Head over to the link in our bio to learn more about Lonny! #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #afrofuturism #theafrofuturistpodcast — view on Instagram

“The secret about ‘the end’ is that it actually contains countless possibilities.” ⠀
July’s theme is #CMend! It was chosen by @RiodeJaneiro_CM and illustrated by @imzeferino. Our next event will be on 7/26. Watch this space for more info! — view on Instagram

“Drag was like a super power. I was a pretty quiet kid and suddenly people were paying attention to me.” - @mamacelestefanclub on exploring drag at 19 #CMwonder — view on Instagram

In case you missed the BIG news: @mamacelestefanclub is our next speaker at the #CMWonder event on 6/28! Check out this gorgeous video from @tinyoakmedia to learn more about Mama Celeste’s work. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #drag #workit #everyoneiscreative #everyoneiswelcome — view on Instagram

Hey Oakland, what time is it? It’s time to get creative!! Tickets are now live for this Friday’s #cmwonder event with @mamacelestefanclub. Head over to the link in our bio to save your spot. We can’t wait to see you and get creative! #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #everyoneiscreative #everyoneiswelcome — view on Instagram

“Donut” forget to set your calendar—tickets for this Friday’s #cmwonder event with @mamacelestefanclub will be released today at 11am. #oaklandiscreative #creativemornings #donutforget #donutpuns #wakeywakey — view on Instagram