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Reposting @favianna1:⠀
“Today, Nov. 20th is Trans Day of Remembrance. Find a vigil in your city and show up for trans lives. Hire, support, uplift and resource Black trans women and femmes! Art by the amazing @micahbazant •••⠀ #Repost @micahbazant⠀
As we grieve our siblings killed by anti-trans violence, lets pledge to support trans lives with our talents, our money, and our passion. Lets hire, amplify and support Black trans women and femmes.⠀
May next year be a year when we have no one to grieve on this day.⠀
This is part of an image created in 2014 with @audrelordeproject & @alokvmenon for #TDOR. We wanted to show trans femmes of different generations and gender expressions loving + resisting together. 💓✨🔥.⠀
#Transgender #TransDayOfResilience #TransDayOfRemembrance #Artivist #trans #life #art #artist” — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2AWRw3K

‘Tis the season.
We’re hosting a potluck today. Thank you to our amazing community for bringing delicious goods for all of us to share for breakfast!
#cmoak #cmdeath
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#CMOak-ers, set those alarms 💀 Get ready to register tomorrow morning at 11AM for #cmDeath with #Oakland’s own @OGpenn! 💀

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This month we’re honored to host #Oakland OG, educator, journalist, and author @OGpenn! Join us next Friday AM for his perspective on #cmDEATH, hosted by @youthradio! 💀⠀

🎟 Grab your ticket Monday morning at 11am at the link in our bio! This month, we’re hosting a potluck as well and collecting donations for #PeoplesBreakfastOakland — check the link for details and bring something to share with your community! 🍳🥐🍎⠀

✒️ Pendarvis Harshaw is a journalist and educator from Oakland. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, as well as Howard University’s School of Communications. Pen is a published journalist with bylines from Youth Radio, Fusion, The Huffington Post, National Public Radio and more. From 2011 to 2016, he ran a website dedicated to documenting the wisdom of elder African American men in his community, called OGToldMe.com. From this project, he produced a coming of age memoir, which has garnered attention from The Fader, KQED’s Forum, and the LA Times. — view on Instagram http://ift.tt/2AlK9Co

💀 November’s theme is #CMdeath. It was chosen by @miami_cm and illustrated by @sydweiler! 💀⠀

💀 Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming #Oakland @creativemorning event, and SAVE THE DATE for November 17! 💀⠀

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