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It’s every creative’s dream to have the freedom and opportunity to focus solely on their personal projects while also being supported fully to pursue their very best work. The Adobe Creative Residency is this kind of unique opportunity. Their residency program empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. 2017 Adobe Creative Residents are designer & visual data storyteller Jessica Bellamy, graphic designer & longboarder Chelsea Burton, graphic designer & letterer Rosa Kammermeier, photographer Aundre Larrow, user experience designer Natalie Lew, and photographer Julia Nimke. For the next year, Adobe will be providing these six Residents with access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a full salary package. This is a unique opportunity to be supported by a creative community with a space to talk about your process, tools, resources and mentors. All rooting for your success. Dive into their portfolios & learn more about the program: adobe.ly/1VXWfdv

Hey community, it’s your turn!

We invite you to the CreativeMornings stage on August 11 to speak for seven minutes on the theme of Genius!

Since recorded history, we have been starry-eyed of people whose works rippled throughout the ages. Whether an idea or work of art, we are inspired by the impeccable creativity and intelligence that influenced cultures and championed new ways of thinking.

One of our core values is celebrating and recognizing the contributions of others before your own. What’s an idea or person that you believe is genius? This is a moment to pick apart something that inspires you and to teach others why it works well.

In the past, we had Michelle Poler talk about her project “100 Days Without Fear.” Designer and woodworker, Michael Yates, shared a moving story about building a wooden casket for his grandmother.

The application deadline is June 30, 5pm EST, and we will announce the chosen speakers on July 10. (If chosen, you will get some coaching beforehand!)

To apply, record a short video telling us about what you'd like to share and submit it via this form.

The stage is calling…

What could you do in a year if you were fully supported? Imagine pursuing any project you desire, a space to talk about your process, with full support. What project would you work on?

The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. Adobe provides Residents with access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a full salary package.

Learn more about the program today: adobe.ly/1VXWfdv

Get a professional headshot taken at our April event!

Thanks to our global partner, Shutterstock, we’ll be shooting headshots for our creative community.

Dress your best, and we’ll see you at the event!

To celebrate December’s theme, Sound, there will not be a speaker for our event, but something even more timely and urgent: a sound meditation session. And instead of a Friday, we’re having the event on Wednesday, December 7th.

Together with Sara Auster — a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and meditation teacher based in New York City — we will start slowing down in December by tuning into our thoughts and emotions. This is a moment to digest and distill this roller coaster of a year so we can find our center and embrace all the possibilities that a new year brings.

No need to bring a yoga mat. This will be a sitting sound meditation session. Sara will start with a brief talk and then lead us into a 20 minute sitting sound meditation session. Breakfast will be served (as always).

The ticket announcement will land in your inbox on Wednesday, December 30, at 8 am.

Tickets will go live Friday, December 2, at 11 am.



Interested in pitching your side project, a job alert, or your work for hire at our next CreativeMornings event? It’s taking place Friday, January 27th from 8:30am to 10am at Spotify. 

We’re inviting community members to pitch themselves, a project or an idea. And we’re giving you only 30 seconds to do it in front of a live audience!

The best way for us to make a selection for who gets stage time (30 secs) at our next event is by viewing a video of your pitch. This way, you get to rehearse it, and tailor it down to the specifics. Remember, this is your chance to announce your pitch to a friendly crowd of creatives. Do whatever you need to do to capture their attention. Make it count. Use the very short time to your advantage. We will sound an alarm when your pitch time is up and be forewarned, we’re quite strict about it :).

Use this form to submit a quick video of your pitch. You can use your phone or computer to record it, low production quality is fine! Once we receive videos from all applicants, we’ll make a selection and get back to you. Thanks and good luck!

DreamYard Art Center believes art is a tool to imagine and create a more just world. We happen to agree. 

Located in the South Bronx, they provide free, quality arts programming for hundreds of students (age 3-19). And they need art supplies! So, at our February, March and April events, we’re running an art supply drive. They’re in particular need of:

  • Gift cards to Blick or Utrecht (for speciality items like oil paints)
  • Pens
  • Decorative paper (fine, chiyogami, handmade, etc.)
  • Washable markers
  • Permanent markers
  • Duct tape
  • Glitter
  • Self-stick easel pad and/or chart paper
  • Glue and glue sticks
  • Multi-colored cardstock
  • Tracing paper
  • Poster board
  • Dry erase markers
  • Rulers
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Electric pencil sharpeners
  • Post-its

We hope to see you in the morning in February and March! Thank you, as always, for being such an incredible community. We <3 you. 

It’s starting to turn cold out, and 60,000 New Yorkers spend each night in homeless shelters, of which 23,000 are children. At our Audience Takes the Stage event on Friday, December 18th, we’ll be collecting winter coats and jackets for the New York Cares Coat Drive. They’ll accept all kinds of winter coats, but keep in mind they receive twice as many requests for men’s coats than women’s, and they’re always short of children’s coats. 

Consider bringing a coat to donate, and we’ll see you in the morning!

We say it often, but it’s because it’s true: CreativeMornings is a powerful engine of generosity. You don’t have to look farther than our volunteers to start understanding what we mean.

Earlier this year, Ben Hallman & Sam Reichman (the same dynamic duo who help bring CMNYC talks to the internet every month) shined a light on Yoko Sakao Ohama, a CMNYC volunteer, as part of our ongoing Close Up series. 

They’re back with another spotlight, this time featuring photographer-writer Wesley Verhoeve. Wesley, a self-described multidisciplinary creative, is another longtime volunteer of CreativeMornings/NewYork whom you’ll often find exploring creative communities across the United States, camera in hand. Be sure to check out his celebrated photography project One of Many, for which he traveled to 12 American cities in order to tell 12 unique stories of the independent creative movement that is reshaping our economy and culture.

Give this a watch! And stay tuned for more Close Ups of incredible members of our local community.


Help us collect food for the Hanson Place Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen!

Tickets for Mac Premo’s talk on Friday, November 20th go live this Monday at 11am sharp! Set those alarms (but remember there’s something sweet in store for those who end up on the waitlist!).

If you do grab a ticket, we’re asking for your help. With Thanksgiving and cold weather right around the corner, we’re partnering with the Hanson Place Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen to collect some food for their programs. They serve over 200 families in the neighborhood and are in need of some extra help this month. They’ll always take canned food, but they’re really in need of:

  • Turkeys!
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables

Please note that they do not accept any pork, pork byproducts, or shellfish.

So, this weekend, buy a bit extra at the grocery store and bring it with you on Friday!

PS — check out this cover page for this food drive we made for CreativeMornings’ & Squarespace’s #DesignSomeGood campaign this month! Share it widely, then think about making your own!