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Thank you to our local partners for #CMcuriosity!

CreativeMornings/New York events are made possible by the generous support of local creative companies and partners. Since every event is free of charge, we look to local partners to help provide breakfast, a welcoming venue and additional funds to cover videographers, rentals, and more. A big thank you to our local partners who supported us for Scott Belsky’s event on February 16th.

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Six CreativeMornings Quotes on LOVE

In a gesture of love for our other fellow CreativeMornings chapters, here are six quotes we’ve picked out that talk about love in their own unique ways. (It's February 14th here in New York City!) Five from other chapters, one from us. All of these quotes are from CreativeMornings speakers from around the world.

Gavin Strange at CreativeMornings/Cardiff.

Jason Hinson-Nolen at CreativeMornings/Indianapolis

Bill Strickland at CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh

Gaia B. Amman at CreativeMornings/Buffalo

Holley Murchison at CreativeMornings/San Francisco

Maggie Doyne at CreativeMornings/New York

February's theme is Curiosity

Curiosity is many things—a trait, a mindset, and a skill. To wonder about the things you don’t know and to actively fill those gaps with knowledge is to consciously enrich your life.

It’s also the secret sauce for creativity. Curiosity silences ego and encourages us to ask why. By constantly asking why we keep the channel open, allowing inspiration, perspectives, and ideas to mold our work and ourselves.

The more you practice being curious the more opportunities abound. Sometimes all it takes is tilting your head up and just marveling at this thing called life.

This month’s global exploration of Curiosity was chosen by our Malmö chapter and illustrated by Oelwein.

See how good you look!

Photos from our Josh Clark event are now live. You can view them in our Flickr gallery here. All photos were taken by Paul Jun.

It’s starting to turn cold out, and 60,000 New Yorkers spend each night in homeless shelters, of which 23,000 are children. At our next event on Thursday, December 7th, we’ll be collecting winter coats and jackets for the New York Cares Coat Drive.  

For the last 29 years, New York Cares has organized the city’s largest winter coat drive gathering over 1.8 million winter coats. Just last year, with the help of caring New Yorkers, including CreativeMornings/NYC, they collected and distributed 109,000 winter coats to families who would have otherwise faced a long cold winter without one. This year, their goal is to collect 125,000 winter coats, and with the support of our community, we know they can do it.  

They’ll accept all kinds of winter coats, but keep in mind they receive twice as many requests for large men’s coats than women’s, and they’re always short of children’s coats. 

Don’t have a coat to donate? Text COAT to 41444. Just $20 gets a new coat to a New Yorker in need (and if you donate on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, Bank of America will match the pledge!)

WordPress.com Joins the CreativeMornings Family! We’re thrilled to announce WordPress.com is joining the CreativeMornings family as our Official Global Partner for Web Publishing. We’re partnering with WordPress.com to stretch our collective mission in connecting and empowering creative communities around the world. In the spirit of generosity, WordPress.com is offering a special 15% discount for a new website! Learn more about the partnership here.

It’s every creative’s dream to have the freedom and opportunity to focus solely on their personal projects while also being supported fully to pursue their very best work. The Adobe Creative Residency is this kind of unique opportunity. Their residency program empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. 2017 Adobe Creative Residents are designer & visual data storyteller Jessica Bellamy, graphic designer & longboarder Chelsea Burton, graphic designer & letterer Rosa Kammermeier, photographer Aundre Larrow, user experience designer Natalie Lew, and photographer Julia Nimke. For the next year, Adobe will be providing these six Residents with access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a full salary package. This is a unique opportunity to be supported by a creative community with a space to talk about your process, tools, resources and mentors. All rooting for your success. Dive into their portfolios & learn more about the program: adobe.ly/1VXWfdv

Hey community, it’s your turn!

We invite you to the CreativeMornings stage on August 11 to speak for seven minutes on the theme of Genius!

Since recorded history, we have been starry-eyed of people whose works rippled throughout the ages. Whether an idea or work of art, we are inspired by the impeccable creativity and intelligence that influenced cultures and championed new ways of thinking.

One of our core values is celebrating and recognizing the contributions of others before your own. What’s an idea or person that you believe is genius? This is a moment to pick apart something that inspires you and to teach others why it works well.

In the past, we had Michelle Poler talk about her project “100 Days Without Fear.” Designer and woodworker, Michael Yates, shared a moving story about building a wooden casket for his grandmother.

The application deadline is June 30, 5pm EST, and we will announce the chosen speakers on July 10. (If chosen, you will get some coaching beforehand!)

To apply, record a short video telling us about what you'd like to share and submit it via this form.

The stage is calling…