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Virtual reality is great! Especially in education. There are already lots of apps that allow kids to literally dive into a subject so they can engage and interact with it. But kids also want to create, not only consume. In this talk you will learn how making your own VR adds a “wow” to classrooms around the globe and how you can make use of it, together with your kids, at home.

This month’s global exploration of Genius is chosen by our Guadalajara chapter, illustrated by Claudio Limon, and presented by WordPress! Yes, you read that correctly.

Genius is a label, a shortcut that signifies the remarkable achievements and abilities of an individual. Thomas Edison famously quipped that genius was one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. But genius also hinges on the voices of the community, the support of the people.

If you unpack this centuries-old label, you might realize that the posture of a genius is already baked into your daily routines. Geniuses are exceptional at failing, learning from mistakes, and cross-pollinating insights from various domains. They’re working, not for money or fame, but because they’re compelled to pursue a particular craft or interest; they’re obsessed; they cannot look do anything else other than solve the problem, paint on that canvas, or breathe life into an idea.

Today, opportunities and resources to tame your talents and sharpen your skills abound. The real battle is less external and more internal—facing your fears, quieting your ego, enriching your mind, and dancing with failure. Perhaps Mozart got it right when he said, “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.”

“July’s theme is equality, which is closely connected to the Internet of Things. You could say that Internet of Things makes people more equal – people having equal access to data and ideas. But is that completely true?
I’d like to challenge us to explore how IoT is or isn’t increasing equality and what each of us can do to further improve equality in the communities we live and work in.
Building things is what I love doing most, when I’m most creative, I’ll share some of my work process.”

Everyday there are thousand small deaths in daily work. In Meetings. In Briefings. In Mails. Ideas die. Emotions die. Pixels die. But how can we survive the downward spiral of design projects? How can we avoid a project to become a zombie? How can we reanimate design and make things survive? This talk will maybe try to give a first aid.

We imagine a world where we’re seen and heard, respected and valued, not for our appearance and privilege, but for our work and character. A world where anyone, anywhere, has equal access to opportunities and resources to become the person they dream about. The formula for equality is a work in progress, and this work is not done from the few with power but rather through the power of community.

Equality is harmony. Harmony isn’t achieved through one instrument; it’s a collaboration, a symphony of sounds that adds richness and texture to the bigger picture. The pursuit of equality is a long-term game, an unraveling of outdated processes that no longer serves the future we imagine or deserve.

This month’s global exploration of Equality is chosen by our Johannesburg chapter, illustrated by Katt Phatlane, and presented by… Adobe! Yes, you read that correctly.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Adobe to stretch our collective mission in connecting and empowering creative communities around the world.   

With Adobe’s indispensable tools and decades of experience in enabling creatives to bring their ideas to life, along with CreativeMornings’ unwavering commitment to unite and inspire cities with face-to-face connections, we’re honored to be partnering with another company that is eager to champion the future of creativity and add fuel to the engine of generosity. Read more about it!

Serendipity is all about letting chance happen… the happy accidents. Explore with Tony Gui and Franzi Sessler the role of Serendipity in design and innovation. They will share their inspiring moments mapping the road from San Francisco to Munich.ABOUT THE SPEAKER
Tony Gui and Franzi Sessler are the founders of Kreatives, a business innovation and design company based in Munich. Both recently moved from the heart of innovation, San Francisco to shake up Germany. They are bringing the power of business, design, and technology together to build a future we all want to live in.Tony Gui is entrepreneur and design strategist with a deep background in healthcare. Previously, he was the Physiotherapist for five Canadian National Sports Teams. His clinic Physio for the People was a playground to break the traditional health care experience and business model.Franzi Sessler is a creative powerhouse shaping the future of business. She has a rare ability to unlock and bring ideas to life using visual storytelling. She transitioned as an art director to help businesses build with a purpose.

Im Umgang mit den Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung kann Design eine entscheidendere Rolle einnehmen und seinen Wirkungsraum erweitern. Mit der Fähigkeit, Komplexität zu durchdringen, Kompetenzen zu vernetzen und Wechselwirkungen in größerem Zusammenhang aufzuzeigen, können Kreative als Mediator und Katalysator neue Möglichkeitsräume eröffnen und in Teamarbeit ausgestalten.

Unter diesen Vorzeichen möchte Designworks im Rahmen der CreativeMornings Session „Beyond“ Einblick in ein Service-Design Projekt im Bereich Digitalisierung und Wissensmanagement geben.
Dem Team geht es weniger darum die Ergebnisse vorzustellen, sondern die Herausforderungen, Erfolgsfaktoren zu reflektieren und mit den Gästen zu teilen.

Designworks is a BMW Group company and a creative consultancy that’s been driving innovation for more than forty years. Acquired by BMW Group in 1995, Designworks enables its parent company as well as internationally renowned clients outside the automotive industry to grow their businesses through design and creative consulting services. With studios in Los Angeles, Munich and Shanghai and with clients including BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, HP, Microsoft, Corsair, Coca Cola, Embraer, Neil Pryde, Siemens Trains and Singapore , Designworks is deeply immersed in a broad cross-section of industries.

In an ever changing world full of new capabilities - design has become the key for successful transformation following core user needs and meaningful interactions. User interfaces become obsolete, cars make their own decisions, household devices communicate with one another and new working models and professions appear. This world will connect mobility with work-life balance and services with experiences. Smart cities and roads will communicate with car sharing services to present users with the ‘right car at the right moment’. Systems and services are integrated with one another and touch every part of our lives. How do we assure as designers that a solution is not strongly technical driven and does not become overloaded with features? We have to rethink the way how we solve problems by not starting with the technology at hand. The Human Centered Process gives the designer user insights and opportunities that help to ideate solutions to create meaningful solutions for a mass consumer adoption. About the speakers:
Christina Ebert, Senior User Experience Designer
Jan Gohlke, Visual Interaction Designer
Vanja Misic, UX Design Researcher & Service Designer

More and more people are starting to create, learning and spreading human-centered approaches in various fields: coaching, design, entrepreneurship, management, politics…And yes I am a fan. I agree on most of the directions those theories take, but sometimes I wonder if there is more.

When CreativeMornings started back in 2013 in Munich I would have misspelled the name, neither did I know what it is all about.
By that time I lived in Vienna, I was traveling through China during the summer and moved back to Germany in late autumn. Munich wasn’t on my “places I want to live at” list, different than most other cities on this planet. Nevertheless I ended up living here. To date it: I have been a Wannabe Bavarian since May 2015.

That was also the time, when I met a girl, Christina, at the 6:30 AM morning class in a CrossFit box. I wasn’t really into CrossFit by that time, I was more the yoga girl who was trying to get back into dancing, but Christina taught me better. We spent quite a lot of time lifting weights and running miles. After a while there was no way around THE after coffee and the answer to the question “What are you actually doing in life when you’re not busy carrying sandsacks around?”. And there it was: the same way of seeing the universe, the respect for diversity, the pure enjoyment of the little things, the will to grow and to challenge yourself, the vision of creating something -  but not alone, together.

Things were settled.


There are five of us. Five persons, five characters, five visions of life, five stories to fall back on, five job titles, five favorite coffee shops, five must-read books, but there is only one CreativeMornings Munich chapter - one.

We are setting up an event every month, like every other chapter around the globe. From the outside this might look easy: a location, a speaker and some coffee - done. But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Things can get really tough between us. We all have full-time jobs, a social life, family,  personal needs, lots of travel hours and random wishes. Besides those external restrictions,  

you have to consider us as a herd of different shaped alpha animals. We all are used to express ourselves, to be the wired one in a team, the one people expect to have a different opinion and to turn things around - the hardest part of the truth, we actually enjoy this role. But whether we like it or not, there is no space for five energetic characters like this in our team.

Whom am I actually talking about? I will allow you to gain a little insight into the team:

Christina is the girl who pulls all the strings while making sure everybody is happy. She also is the person to approach about any problem. Priceless!

Jan is the one who has this unbeatable ability of telling random jokes and switch into serious business in the next second, to make sure we actually get things done.

Vanja is the person who will always be one step ahead of you, in ten minutes she will give you as many ideas as somebody else is not able to give you in a week. She is always all-in and eager to learn and to grow, while putting a smile on your face.

Yann-Yves is the man, who always has a story to tell. We can all agree on the fact that nobody can count the different nationalities his family is comprised of, that he is a tremendous videographer, and most exciting, he is a daddy to be.

And yes there is me, the little one. While writing this post I’m asking myself if my words sound like a secret love letter, but as the rest of the team is already used to get overloaded by heart emojis and virtual hugs, they might just brand me another time with “fluffy, cute and naive” - I guess there are worse things in life.

Via whatsapp, facebook and email we are in touch almost every day.We can no longer avoid not getting a deep scope of personal life of one another. For all our differences and not a lot of firm ground to stand on, there is one thing that keeps us together: respect, as simple as it sounds.

Instead of spending time on throwing words around, or trying to define the next agile, human-centred working process and trying to look good, while pronouncing them, we actually listen to each other. We try to make sense of off different perspectives and honor each one’s fortes.

And that’s what the whole secret is about.

Start looking around you, inhale and appreciate the environment you are living in, give the people who surround you the chance to shape your thinking and your doing. Use the words they are using and start speaking the language, they are speaking, while not loosing your own ones on the way.

In a creative world life sometimes seems to be unfair and without scruple, people fight for their creative vision, their talent, their way of working, their extraordinary way of thinking outside the box and their principles. You might be one of those people, that’s okay, but be aware of your growing ignorance while fighting your battle. The others might not know better,but their perspective is not without reason. And if you continue ignoring them, they will have time watching you and learn from you, so you better start respecting them and let them become part of your own process. It’s not always about aiming higher and leaving the others behind to be first to cross the finish line. It’s more about experiencing the human connections right in front of you, because they can’t be put into words on paper and definitely won’t become the next hyped buzzword. If you start respecting the persons next to you today, and thus connecting and grow through them, you will find yourself pushing your personal finish line in every single moment of interaction.

No matter how, we will all evolve and move forward, and create innovation and unique designs, but if not together, how?

See you in the morning! 

Goethe´s Faust talks to the moment and says ““Verweile doch, du bist so schön” – “Stay a while, you are so beautiful”. Probably the most famous quotation in all German literature. On the next Creative Mornings Event Jens Roeper will try to create a moment to stay. He will think and talk about “what is a moment”, “how does a moment feel”, “what means “time” in that relation”? Moments are defined as emotional instants – and they are bigger than just a framed period of time. They stand for an experience at the instant moment or in the past, triggered by smells, sounds, tastes, feelings. Moments are individual. Moments can change your life. Moments make decisions. We will engage you to find out your moment and try to make you feel it. Never neglect your moment!