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Sarah Gallimore on Justice

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August 30, 8:30am • Eastern Market • part of a series on Justice

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At University of Detroit-Mercy, School of Architecture (4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit, Michigan 48221) on September 5th, we will be talking on the theme of Color with Bucky Willis of Bleeding Heart Design (b.h.d). b.h.d often uses color in their collaborations to transform perceptions and feelings about already existing structures. For free tickets are available at CreativeMornings/Detroit.

A native of Northeast Detroit, Rebecca “Bucky” Willis holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Detroit Mercy. The heart of her design career lies at the point where architecture and design meet social issues and emotional impact. This inspired her to create Bleeding Heart Design – a design process that inspires altruism. The purpose of b.h.d is to evoke emotions that spark positivity in the lives of the people who encounter it.

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Maria Cotera of El Museo del Norte talks to us at Whitdel Arts about heritage, preservation of memory and running a community based museum.

More photos of the event here

Failure, August’s international theme, is a concept many people dread, something to be avoided. It implies finality. Sometimes it is also difficult to see it as what it can be, something that can foster development of ideas which is essential to the creation process. Join us at Great Lakes Coffee on August 1st at 8:30am for Tunde Wey. Free tickets will be available on July 28th.

Tunde Wey has had many iterations of businesses, from a crowd-sourced groupon/kickstarter-esque company Detroit Big F Deal (part of our first cohort of Ventures) to pop up cuisine, he is constantly creating and improving. Tunde  is originally from Lagos, Nigera and has lived in Detroit for 14 years. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and chef who has created several pop-up dining experiences, most recently Lagos: Nigerian BBQ and co-owns (revolver), a restaurant that hosts guest chefs in Hamtramck. He has also been a writer for Model D’s Urban Innovation Exchange and plays for the Detroit City Futbol League.

For free tickets (available on July 28th) and more information, visit CreativeMornings/Detroit.

Free tickets are now available for CreativeMornings/Detroit on July 11th from 8:30a-9a at Whitdel Arts (1250 Hubbard, Suite B1, Detroit) In July, CreativeMornings/Detroit will be speaking with 86 other creative cities internationally on the theme of Heritage. Our speaker is Maria Cotera who is a Chicana feminist, author, activist, Director of Latina/o Studies at the University of Michigan and heavily active in El Museo del Norte, a community museum of Latina/o experiences. Join us at Whitdel Arts for the first part of the program and we will walk to El Museo del Norte after to see their current exhibit “Las Rebeldes”, which highlights the personal histories of Latinas in Southeastern Michigan.
More about the speaker here.

We are thinking minimally for June’s CreativeMornings/Detroit!

On June 6th, 9:00am-10:00am at Gensler (150 West Jefferson, 17th floor Suite 1700 , Detroit, Michigan 48226) Najahyia Chinchilla and Stephanie Lughermo will be speaking about the theme of minimal in architecture design. Tickets will be available on June 2nd here!

CreativeMornings/Detroit returns on May 9th, 9:00am-10:00am at Signal-Return (1345 Division St. Detroit, Michigan 48207) with Managing Director Jane Hoehner and Artistic Director Lynne Avadenka.

In May, the global CreativeMornings community will be speaking on the theme of Freedom. Jane and Lynne will be talking about freedom of the press, the importance of print making, and their creative processes. They will be leading attendees in a print-making demo and space is limited, so be sure to reserve your space. Tickets will be available on May 5th here!

On March 7th, Melissa Price, CEO of dPOP! talked to us about the importance of reflecting the culture of workers through work spaces and how hidden elements in interior design can achieve that. She also talked to us about the historic preservation and the redesign of dPOP!’s underground vault of the former Dime Building. Price and her team also talked about their creative process, which involves beer, unbridled (horse lamp reference) ideas, and the wonders of brightly colored paint. 

dPOP! provided a cereal bar filled with various cereals (some we had forgotten about from our youth!), milks, pop tarts. and, of course, coffee! Afterwards Melissa and her team graciously showed us around their co-working space that they share with Doodle Home and Quicken Loans.

You can see more photos here! See the video of the full talk and more info about the next event at CreativeMornings/Detroit