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Erin Kelly is a Detroit-based designer and curator. Trained as a landscape architect, her work balances an interest in engaging abstract, sometimes tedious and bureaucratic systems with the immediacy of pleasure, learning and feedback that arises from making in real-time.

Erin’s work in Detroit over the last six years has tended to be between people, organizations and disciplines. Currently she serves as the Lead Landscape Strategist for the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department. Previous local collaborators include the Detroit Revitalization Fellows, the Detroit Collaborative Design Center and Detroit Future City.

Throughout this time and with the insights of a group of conspirators and specialists, Erin has been documenting sites of urban wildernesses in Detroit, to understand places and ecologies quietly produced through acts of quarantine and confinement.

Erin studied community development and propaganda at the Evergreen State College and earned her master of landscape architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Erin dreams big dreams and currently is pondering what it will take for Detroit to become a more swimmable city.

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