We’re shaking things up here at CM Detroit for next month’s “talk.” 

Please join us for an evening with Creative Mornings Detroit at Pages Bookshop on December 11 from 7-8:30 pm to celebrate our theme of Tradition and hang out with this community. Instead of doing a normal talk with a speaker, we’re inviting our past speakers to perform poems or songs, if they like, and we’re also opening it up to you, our friends and fans and family so share your own traditions. We’d like this event to be an informal gathering so we can all talk together, share stories, celebrate everything we’ve created this year and share our hopes for the new year. We will have some wine and snacks available, but please feel free to BYOB. We will also be collecting canned goods and donations for a local charity, if you feel so inclined. We really hope you will join us for what we hope to be a yearly tradition. 

It’s Q&A day!! We love talking with our speakers about what inspires them and why they love Detroit. Please enjoy this month’s conversation with our speaker musician Jan Thompson. We look forward to seeing you this Friday at WeWork (Clifford St.). Doors at 9! Bring your own mug. 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here?
The determination and grit of the people and the reinvention of the city.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?

My favorite project so far was the album I recorded with my husband “West” released in 2004.  
My dream project would be to perform my own songs with a full orchestra.

What do you do when you feel creatively stuck?
Go to a place of beauty and listen to music where I become engulfed in the moment.  

Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about?
Satori Circus

We are excited to have musician Jan Thompson join us next Friday (November 16) as our speaker. Please visit her website http://www.janthompsonmusic.com/about 

Jan Thompson is a singer, songwriter and performer who has played shows in the UK, USA and Japan.

​Her musical journey began in the late 90s and was inspired by the artists of the original Lilith Fair including Jewel and

Sarah McLachlan.  The 2004 release of the album Maple Street West demonstrates her love for the simple acoustic styles of the American songwriters of that period.

​Over the last two decades Thompson has focused on her musical development through instrumental and vocal study in the styles of jazz, blues and pop and has shared her knowledge and joy of music with others as a vocal coach.

​Most recently Jan realized she needed to devote her time to creating new material and spent time in California writing and performing.  Her latest songs, including Moving in a Direction (about her year rediscovering herself) are soulful, thought provoking and authentic and are strongly influenced by today’s contemporary artists Mary J Blige, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding and Birdy.

​Her future aspirations include the desire to incorporate and produce electronic styles in her material born from years of listening to Imogen Heap and Goldfrapp.

​In 2018, she is working on a project called “Rise It Up” which will ultimately involve a Detroit gospel chorus and poetic spoken word.  As well as writing, performing and teaching, Thompson will be developing and offering a Music Mentorship Program, Keynote Concerts for cancer survivors and Custom Song Projects.

It’s Q&A day: my second favorite morning of the CM month! 
Every month, we ask our speakers to answer a few simple simple questions so we can learn more about what inspires them and to be inspired. We’re excited to welcome Jim Hume as our speaker this month. Please join us tomorrow at Belle Isle Aquarium at 8:30 for his talk on Honesty. See you soon! 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here? 

 I love the combination between creativity, grit, and work ethic. This is a place that simply gets stuff done, and we make an huge impact on the world, yet we just wake up the next morning and do the next thing. Our reward is the work itself. It’s inspiring to see the entire area embrace that spirit.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?  

 If you asked me years ago, I would’ve had a list of projects at the ready. Now, it’s more about the singular project of building a company capable of daily improvement. I love walking in and seeing how our team thinks. My dream project? Anything that allows us to elevate, motivate, and inspire - and gives us the freedom to do our thing.

 What do you do when you feel creatively stuck? 

 I shift to the other side of my brain. I do all those little tasks that are more checkbox-driven to clear the runway. Then I generally work myself into a zone and just start jotting things down. It either starts to click or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I’ll try again later. Creativity cannot be forced or fought with. It just needs to arrive.

Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about?  

Too many to mention, I’d hate to single anything or anyone out! I try and sample the town like a playlist on random (food, art, architecture) and I am rarely disappointed. And almost always inspired! 

Happy October, friends! 

We here at Creative Mornings Detroit are thrilled that it’s Fall, our favorite month of the year. (Well, so says our host Anne Marie at least). We began the year going through a lot of changes. It’s been a wonderfully rich experience but also  a challenge to define our voice and the tone we want to project in this new phase of our chapter. 

Our speaker this month is someone who knows this challenge really well. He’s built an exceptional career in guiding companies to define their brand and lead with the honest expression of their core truths.  We hope to see you on October 26 at our new venue, The Belle Isle Aquarium. 

Jim Hume, owner and principal, founded Phire Group in 2004. Under his leadership, Phire Group delivers complete research and brand strategy, creative and comprehensive digital and traditional capabilities to uncover a brand’s full potential.
Hume is known for working closely with brands to create a meaningful and sustainable impact. He is dedicated to building a brand presence for his partners that fosters a strong internal culture with a matching customer experience, so that one is indistinguishable from the other.
With more than 20 years in the industry, he has a wide range of experience working with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups in consumer goods, healthcare, technology, education, business-to-business, the arts and more.

It’s our favorite day (okay, evening, this time) where we feature the Q&A with this month’s speaker. It’s one of my favorite things because we always feel inspired and learn about new artists to follow. Please enjoy and then join us Friday morning at 8:30 at Floyd Detroit for Drifter coffee (woot!), bagels (probably), and cool people (definitely).

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here? 

Detroit is the place that first inspired me to be creative, driving in from the suburbs as a teenager to see rock shows or hang out in art galleries. That energy I felt then, that positive force of people coming together for the art of it, it’s still here, and it’s why I’m here 20 years later, and what keeps me sticking around. What do you do when you feel creatively stuck? 

I go for a walk, without my phone, without music. Just me and the neighborhood sounds. I practice walking meditation, and incorporate intention into the walk. It works every time.
What would be your dream project?  I would love to produce a multimedia festival celebrating writers, poets, and storytellers, highlighting their talents in the way musicians are celebrated regularly. Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about? 

Khalid Bhatti, the former executive editor of Detroit Music Magazine, is my go-to guide for all things creative in Detroit. He’s between projects right now, but keep your ears open for his name and trust anything he recommends. I’ve been listening to his creative advice for the last 18 years, and he has never once led me wrong.

What a summer it’s been!! Many of you are getting ready to go back to school, end vacations, and get back to that vacation-days-at-zero work life. Life can get pretty chaotic. We feel you. And in that vein, we’d love to have you join us to hear the very talented Patricia Wheeler talk about Chaos on September 21, at 8:30. You know her from hosting Detroit’s Moth events and just seeing her in all her fabulousness wheeling about town. ;) We’re super excited to work with Floyd as a new venue sponsor and to welcome back Drifter Coffee as our coffee sponsor. Yay for Fall in Michigan.

“Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much more to do with your service to people. And your soul contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.”  ~ Aretha Franklin 

We love this quote about community from Detroit’s very own Queen of Soul. Fostering a creative community is one of the fundamental drives of Creative Mornings. We here at the Detroit chapter are honored to have Amanda Lewan be our speaker this month on this important theme. Today, she shares some of her thoughts on Detroit and creativity. Please enjoy, and then join us Friday morning at Bamboo Detroit. 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here? I love the community in Detroit. Everyone here is friendly, supportive, and often committed to helping on another grow. That’s what drew me in and why I’m here. 

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project? I love alllll my work. Every project helps you continue to get better and better. I’m not sure I have a dream project outside of what I do every day :)

What do you do when you feel creatively stuck? I usually read, go for a walk, or de-compress. Sometimes taking time away from your project helps you get re-inspired. 

Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about? Detroit Writers Collective (you can find them on Facebook) 

Only a few more days until our July speaking event!! We hope you’re able to come out and join us. It’s one of our favorite non-lecture days here. Q&A day, where our speaker answers questions about life in Detroit and what keeps them creative. Calvin is a “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.” And that’s just the way he likes it. There’s always more he can learn about the world and about how people live their lives in it. He is the host of Leading Questions w/Calvin Moore, a moderated roundtable discussion about ongoing issues in our culture. Additionally, in the summer of 2017, Calvin and his wife, Jennifer, started The Dinner Detroit, a weekly, themed potluck-style dinner where they welcome friends, family, and total strangers to their dining room table for a meal. Please enjoy the Q&A. We’ll see you Friday at Lululemon Detroit @ 8:30! 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here?
I like that Detroit is one of America’s oldest cities. There’s so much rich history here. And, though it may sound cliched, the people really make Detroit what it is. Otherwise, it’s just land and buildings. The people who fill that land and occupy those buildings create the stories that inspire humanity.
What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?
My favorite project I’ve worked on in my adult years is my podcast, Leading Questions with Calvin Moore. I really like being part of the process of helping open people’s eyes to new ideas and a greater perspective on the world. A lot of people are drawn in because of the debate aspect of the show. However, I’m compelled to keep creating content because by the end, even if we don’t reach a consensus, there tends to be mutual respect. That’s something that you don’t see much of in today’s world.
What do you do when you feel creatively stuck?
I’ll generally consult friends and other people trying to create novel things about their creative process.
Who is another creative person /organization in Detroit that we need to know about?
I’m a big fan of Misha Stallworth. Her work with the Luella Hannan Center working with the elderly is inspiring. She’s also the youngest person ever elected to the Detroit Public School Board.
Favorite animated gif?
The Peanut Butter Jelly Time gif. Never gets old.

Two more sleeps until it’s lecture day! Yay!!
Today though is our favorite segment: Q&A with our speakers. It’s where we ask our speakers of the month to fill out a brief questionnaire so we can learn more about them and the cool things they have to share about our city. We hope to see you on Friday. (P.S. We said we’d eventually share Wayne’s photo since we shared Clare’s earlier. Lovely humans, both). 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here?
We were both born and raised in Detroit. West side + East side! While both of us have spent time living in other places - New England, California, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Europe, Mexico…. - we always kept returning to Detroit. It is truly unlike any other city. The art, the music, the food, the people - all keep us inspired. What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?
We love making custom dining tables. I don’t think that we can even pick a favorite. We create pieces that are warm, functional, and site specific - built especially for the space and customer. Currently our dream would be to create a table for ourselves! We moved last year and have not had time to build ourselves a dining table. Someday…What do you do when you feel creatively stuck?
Luckily we do so much production work that even when we are not “creating” - we are making. I think that is a key component to this business. People think that we wait for inspiration to strike and then we get busy but an art or craft process is not usually like that. We just have to be in our studio continue working. Making something, anything! These days, we have a back log of prototypes, samples, sketches, and ideas that we work into the mix between projects and regular production. We try to add something new to our small goods collection every season and we’re currently working on at least one custom project at any given time. The set schedule and continued work flow really keeps us on our toes. Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about?
We are very excited about the developments and work of the CCAA - The Center for Craft and Applied Arts. They are really pulling together some great people for great projects.Favorite animated gif?
I’m afraid that we might be a little too analog to have a favorite gif :)