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December 14, 8:30am • Denver Museum of Nature and Science • part of a series on Tradition

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January speaker Meghan Throckmorton received her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas. She chose this route because of her love for writing, but also because it was such a flexible path of study. She had a lot of playing and exploring to accomplish in between fine arts and foreign languages, including French, Chinese, and Swahili.

After graduation she taught English in China and Thailand and traveled the world a bit. Once back in the states, she met her adorable husband, Jammer, and they moved to California where both began careers in the shoe industry. Meghan moved from a position in purchasing where she navigated a sea of gray cubicles every day into a design and development position that required very little creativity. When her father asked her to lead the design department of his international fireworks company, she was thrilled at the opportunity to travel and be creative again.

Each month, she would spend 2 weeks in China, and 2 weeks traveling around the US. The rest of her “free” time was spent in airports. In order to design top-selling fireworks she had to learn a lot about things like Nascar and hunting — subjects she wasn’t exactly interested in – but that were very important to the typical fireworks consumer. While Meghan loved her Chinese colleagues and long days in remote factories discussing chemistry and regulations with fireworks technicians, she often felt a little lonely.

Meghan began to see that these were fun adventures indeed, but they didn’t really resonate deeply with her. She saw a common thread – a constant however. Through all of these different stops along her career, she always had a little side business making things by hand. Sometimes, it was just a hobby, and sometimes it was a significant addition to her income, but it was always there.

It took her awhile to realize that, if crafting had the power to pull her out of bed at 4 am to sell jewelry at the Farmers Market when she was 10, and had followed her all over the world through a myriad of interests and careers, it was probably what she should be doing full time.

So Meghan officially gave up clocking in and out, and attending meetings about meetings in 2011 and started on Santa Fe Street in Denver. She says that sometimes it feels indulgent and a little childish, but she’s come to terms with the fact that this realization is a very good thing. Doing what she loves building her creative business gives her additional energy and optimism to do more…. building the Rakun creative community, the Denver Handmade Alliance, and helping other crafty folks quit their day jobs, too.

“I feel the need to make… I think making fulfills an important need in our lives.” - Patrick Marold

Denver Kickoff with Ian Kleinman photos posted

On November 1st Ian Kleinman of The Inventing Room introduced us all to the Brave world of molecular gastronomy and liquid nitrogen doused Cheetos. It was a fabulous kickoff event for our chapter. You can browse all the photos on our Flickr feed, and watch for the video to be posted soon.

Moving forward we’ll be meeting every first Friday. Don’t miss our next event on December 6th when Patrick Marold speaks to us on the theme of “Make”! 

First Event: November 1st!

Denver Creatives, block out your morning on November 1st. We’ll be hosting our inaugural event at 9:00am and Denver will never be the same. Great things are in store so save the date and stay tuned for more details.