Through her shape shifting mantra, Oakland-raised Zakiya Harris challenges you to search deep for your inner self. Zakiya provides you with tools for transformation – be your own superhero, claim your mission, and build a tribe around it.

Video shot by Christie Goshe and Michelle Hoy, edited by Michelle Hoy.

About the speaker

Zakiya Harris is a Cultural Architect, Artist and Educator working at the intersections of entrepreneurship, 21st century education and creative transformation. Zakiya is a co-founder of nationally recognized projects Impact Hub Oakland, Grind for the Green and a Fellow of Green For All and Bold Food. Currently, she is the Chief Education Officer at Hack the Hood a technology program for low-income youth of color and winner of the 2014 Google Impact Challenge. When she is “off the clock” you can find her singing her heart out onstage, reading Octavia Butler or cooking with her 10 year old daughter.

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It doesn't matter how much money you have, it doesn't matter how successful you become; if you are not living your mission, you are not happy. You are not fulfilled. You are feeling a void and it's never going to go away if you don't claim your mission. — Zakiya Harris

We need super extraordinary humans to be able to solve these extraordinary challenges we're currently facing. You can't say that you care about the planet, that you care about your community if you're not being a superhero. — Zakiya Harris

Your success is inevitable. Your victory is inevitable. Don't get caught up in appearances, because the people that programmed you into appearances are the ones that f*cked up the plan in the first place; with what they could touch, with all of their things, with what they could measure. T — Zakiya Harris

Words like 'homeowner' didn't apply to me anymore; words like 'married' didn't apply; words like 'having a job' didn't apply. So who was I? Who was the essence of who I was when all of these other parts were being stripped? And I realized: I'm water. — Zakiya Harris

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