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Be Your Own Superhero

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When you’re not grounded and rooted in something, the biggest feeling that you feel is fear. And I think that this is such an interesting concept because we live in a society that is terrified, terrified of darkness. Terrified of what they can’t see, define, measure, hold, terrified of what’s not tangible. So we live in a society that has spent thousands and thousands of years creating more tangible things. Every single one of us in this room has too much stuff in our homes, too much stuff in our closets, too many tangible things on the planet. So many tangible things that now we’re destroying the planet with all of our things…we’re contaminating life with all of our things. We can’t move to the heart place…but that’s where all the life comes, that’s where all the magic happens.

Zakiya Harris

But if we are so disconnected…and all we see are the laws that they say they want to pass, the walls that they say they want to build, the leaders that they are putting into power, the wars, if all we get focused on is what we can see, we’ve missed it. Because we have to understand that despite what you see, something else is happening underneath the surface. That there is something else being born, that there is something else is going to emerge, but you don’t get to watch it grow! So how do you navigate that? How do you navigate this reality of knowing something is bubbling, we can all feel it in our bodies, but none of know what it’s gonna look like when we get through the other side.

Zakiya Harris